Haven't seen my son in two years (HELP)?

I been in and out of court for over a year, my ex went to Brooklyn New York and filed an order of preotection against me under false pretenses and the the court dropped the order of protection. My son was born in the state of New Jersey in which I paid for a lawyer and had juristion granted in the New Jersey family court. I worked overtime just to pay laywers to get my son back. I showed up to every court date on time, my ex didn't show up to court 2 out of the 3 times we had to appear. I was suppose to have supervised visitations but my ex nevered compllied to the judges request. On the last court date which was on November 14 2007 my ex didn't show up to court again and the judge ask my lawyer and I to file an order to show cause against my sons mother and since then i haven't heard nothing since and its been a year. i called the judges clerk, my lawyer and still nothing. Can anyone help a desperate father get his son back?

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    There is a ton of support for father's. search the internet for Father Custody and you will find all kinds that are in every city in north america. As well you can search for "Parental Alienation" and learn how people all over the world are going through this emotionally abusive crime. You can get software to search legal files such as "quick Law", and build a support network through the groups. Keep positive and take really good care of yourself, always send cards and little gifts, make copies and file them. Have the school's accept envelopes from you with postage on it so they can send you report cards and letters. Even if you have to take anti-depressants and lots of vitamins do what you have to do to stay mentally focused on your own health, because this tends to take a toll. Try to get other hobbies and activities to keep things balanced so you don;t obsess over this. I ahve heard that alot of people gather strength from reading the bible and prayer. King David has some powerful words about battles and faith.

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    well sounds like you gotta bad lawyer...since your ex hasnt come they could be considered an unfit parent because they cant show up so you mught want to use that against them...maybe study up on law...or try getting a better lawyer

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