7dpo.. could this be implantation spotting (TMI alert)?

First of all, I chart my BBT and I *know* Im 7dpo

I have NEVER experienced spotting during the two week wait and thats why Ive started to freak out :O

I went to check my CM like I normally do and I got a LOT of dark brown discharge. Im calling it 'discharge' because its mixed with very thick CM (creamy)


Normally when I get AF I get light brown/pinkish mixed with EWCM but this is nothing like that at all

It isnt bad spotting because the only way I would have even known about it is from checking CM. Nothing on the TP yet

So what do you think??


My chart:


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  • 1 decade ago
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    its the right time for implantation bleeding, assuming you had sex a week ago or so, plus you describe it well too, could be preg, good luck xx

  • I think this might be your lucky month.

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