How to move Costa Rica?

I am an American who is interested in moving to Costa Rica. How difficult is it to do that? I will need to find a job and an apartment. What are the legalities?

I have a B.S. in Psychology....

Thank you to all that answer!

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    Miss Smartie,

    You can 'move' to Costa Rica, rent a residence, purchase real estate, invest in industry and conversation ... all without residency.

    However, tourist status does NOT allow the visitor to work or earn money ... and Costa Rica Migracion strictly enforces this policy. The steadfast view is that no foreigner should take a job that can be performed by a Costa Rica citizen. With Costa Rica having a highly educated, bilingual work force - this does not leave many jobs that can qualify for a foreign worker exemption.

    That said; there are many, many foreign corporations that operate in Costa Rica. Persons considering a move to Costa Rica may benefit by seeking their employment via one of these established companies.

    Some U.S. companies that have operations here in Costa Rica include:

    * Microsoft

    * General Electric

    * Abbot Laboratories

    * Continental Airways

    * Intel

    * Lucent Technologies

    * Maersk Sealand

    * Proctor & Gamble

    * Cutler Hammer

    * Eaton

    * Sykes

    * Merck

    * Citigroup

    * Dole

    * Del Monte

    * Century 21 Real Estate

    * Bristol Myers Squibb

    * Manpower International

    * CISCO Systems

    * American Airlines

    * Equifax Credit

    * Wal-Mart

    * etc., etc.,

    There are also many work abroad, study abroad and missionary opportunities in various industries such as tourism, travel and education that may allow for extended, income earning stays here in Costa Rica in order to determine if a more permanent move is desired.

    NOTE: The company or program should have all necessary immigration and work permit paperwork lined-up prior to your Costa Rica departure.

    I hope you find this information useful!

    Source(s): Costa Rica Employment - Finding a Job in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Blogger:
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  • kapn
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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately your BS in Psychology is worthless in Costa Rica. You are free to move there if you can afford it but a job will be almost impossible with your background..........sorry.

    It’s difficult for foreigners to find work in Costa Rica. The government doesn’t like any one taking jobs away from Costa Ricans and the labor laws reflect this sentiment. Basically the only foreigners legally employed in Costa Rica work for their own businesses, possess skills not found in the country or work for companies that have special agreements the government..

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is not difficult moving to Costa Rica at all. If you want to work there, you will need to apply for legal Permanent Residency in order to work in Costa Rica.

    With other residency status such as Rentista or Pensionado, you can actually own your own business, but you cannot work in the business as you must hire a Costa Rican (or Tico). Your responsibility to the business is limited to management.

    It is also recommended before you actually decide to live in Costa Rica and establish your residency, you should spend time there as a tourist so you have an opportunity to understand the country and the culture.

    This site has a lot of useful information about living in Costa Rica.

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  • 4 years ago

    No he stated that if well being care reform is exceeded that he might flow to Costa Rica for his well being care by fact many insurance companies are commencing clinics and hospitals down there to be sure US voters who can arise with the money for inner maximum scientific insurance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It’s really hard for foreigners to work here... because of the laws, they don't want foreigners taking the jobs of their people... so your B.S. wouldn't help...

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