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Who owns CAT inc.? (caterpillars)?

Who owns CAT inc. I heard major shares are owned by bin ladin group? on the other hand some say it is jewish owned?

are cat inc. machinery and cat boots are the same?

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    Caterpillar is a publicly traded company.

    69% of its shares are owned by 931 financial institutions and mutual funds. The largest of these include Capital World Investors, State Street Corporation, Barclays, State Farm Insurance, etc. Top mutual fund investors are Growth Fund of America, Washington Mutual, Fundamental Investors, Vanguard 500 Index Fund, etc. (These 8 names hold about 25% of the company...the remaining 923 have smaller portions adding up to 44%.)

    Of course the financial institutions listed above are themselves publicly traded companies. And the mutual funds include many investors as well, many of them being pension plans, charitable foundations, and a great many individual investors of every religious confession available.

    The other 31% not held by mutual funds and other financial institutions is held by private investors. The largest is Peter Magowan, who holds about 0.4% of the company. Only about 5 people even own as much as 0.1%.

    Yahoo Answers is not the best place to learn this sort of thing. Go to Yahoo Finance.

    Finally, the Bin Ladin group may be a private investor. So might be any number of jews. The Bin Laden group, along with any number of jews, might be investors in one of the mutual funds or financial institutions listed above. So are many many other people. Including me.

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    Who Owns Cat

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    cat boots are only machinery if used with a shovel

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