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Story Summary 10 points for best answer?

Ok so I have a bunch of storys that I will write soon. I was wondering if you thought:

*These summarys were good to get a readers attention

* The information of the summary was good

*your thoughts,

*The Life of Violet-Marie- Violet-Marie Summer seems to have a perfect life to everyone. Everyone enjoys being with her and they know much about her and her life style. But there is somthing she is hiding. A secret that changes her life forever.

Her mother tells her a secret and she is getting confused. No one know's what is happening to her, but only one person knows the truth. Can this be the end for Violet-Marie?

*Two Worlds, One me: Italy Ireland is one smart, tough girl. She is a strong girl believer and always has the heart to help others. The one thing that she repugnance about is her school rule: No sports for girls!

Now it's time to show this school that girls can to anything! But this leads to more problems that she find's out including her friend, Emma Bolton and ZJ Johnson. Can all of this be done by Italy?

*Saturday: Can a bunch of teenagers save the world? Nah!. . or can they?

Join teenagers Johnny Lopez, Vanessa Parkwoods, Patrick Swiss, Emilio Club, Ralph Matthews and Steve Carter as they get dentention, learn secrets, and most of all. . . Save the world!

*Mall Brawl: It's 1984 in the USA(or Canada). Four teenagers enjoy living in the year. They have their music, clothes, friends and bands! and food! But what happens if famous bands and famous people start going missing? What will happens to the stores that keep getting robbed? And what about the seven missing children? Can the four teens use each others personailtys to save everyone?

*Hospitlize: The Goldring family kids and their friends the Pizzino kids are in New York with the Pizzino kids live. During a thunderstorm and driving to see a movie, the five crash into another car and are taken to the hospital. At 'Hell Hospital' the five children learn to face their fears, and save themselves from the living nightmare?

*Stuck By You: Meet Hunter Thomas Santillo , aka Tom or Hunter, is a celebrity actor and soon-to-be Film director. He lives in L.A and is living the life of celebrity stuff. he's only got two problem on him: He needs to directs a movie with a teenage girl in it, as his first movie. He also needs to be a father.

Meet Summer Garland. A typical teenage girl who lives along Manhattan Beach. At her school, she doesn't talk much to the kids there and the kids there are usally mean to her or just ignore her. Summer doesn't really mind, she always is by herself in anyway. She has a girl attitude, and is always willing to help. The only problem is, she has no idea what family means

What will happen when Hunter and Summer meet each other and help each other with their problems?

thanks for the help!


Hi! Each of my storys may look the same but are different. And im writing teen because 1: not ALL teens are bad as adults think. 2 I am a teen.

Violet-Marie: Teenage pregnancy along with dealing with an abusive parent, and having 2 loves at one.

Two Worlds one me: Girls can do anything (because boys think they're better)

Saturday: U know, Im thinking about deleting this one because it's like The Breakfast Club, only different.

Mall Brawl: How fun the 80's were and how they thought, and THESE teens save the world.

Hospitlize: Facing your biggest fears.

Stuck By You: W/ Hunter: Teens arn't all bad, and you relize there is more to life.

Summer: Familys are people who care for you, love you, and more.

hope that changes some thoughts.

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    mmmm, to tell you the truth...

    1. all your stories have similar storylines

    2. nothing really interesting happens

    3. i wouldn't read them by just reading those summaries

    4. maybe just focusing on one story at a time and perfecting that?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago might want to Google "Mary Sue". Your summaries all have one thing in common - they require the adults to act like idiots in order to make your teen heroes look good. Enid Blyton used to get away with it, but I doubt you will.

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