who influences you? [in music]?

this might be an asian question haha jk.

Well, im into music so i have alot of singers and dancers who influences me.

*first off, im not a fan girl so dont think im crazy, drooling everywhere dying in hotness or whatever. -_-I'm more influenced by guys then girls, i dont really know why.

Tohoshinki [Dong bang shin ki, DBSK, TVXQ ] influences me most, same with BoA, Ito Yuna, SHINee, GReeeeN, FUNKYMONKEYBABYS(this is influencial wise)

thier songs makes actual sence. if you get the concept.

and their tone of the songs are good.

like avril's song "girlfriend"

"hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend"

....... so what?

thats what gets me mad when great singers like her make stupid songs.

DBSK; LOVEE EMM'. seen them live a few times. i love thier new song "wasurenaide" so sweet. also CRAZYLOVE. wrong numbers lyrics were just soo scaryy but at the same time HALIRIOUS. lol 12 times a day.

BoA; shes been on a longg road. loved that she never gave up. lovee her song valenti , even tho its old haha.

Ito Yuna; mann she can singg, i even loved her in nana. i like the song "Mahaloha" with Micro.

SHINee; LOVEE THEIR DANCES! love their beats in thier songs.

same with BIGBANG. ahaha

GReeeeN; mann i cried watching rookies. im watching the moooviee in MAY.

FUNKYMONKEYBABYS; mann their songs make soo much sence, it connects to every day people thats what i like about them.

ALSO; when i was in the states, the one thing i absolutely loved watching was the americas best dance crew. mann SOREAL and KABAMODERN are soo gooddddd. so is JABBA.


lol i was sorta expecting more then just a artist as an answer.

i did put why i love em right?

so should you. easy 10 pts.

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    I'm basically in love with DBSK lol jk.

    i'm a hugeeeeee fan of them but i'm not a fangirl either

    Love in the Ice is my favorite japanese song from them even though it's sorta old :D


    especially Tablo <3333. The lyrics to their songs are sooooo good!!! And they're not afraid to experiment with different types of music. "No Genre. Just Music." That's what they say :D and it's really cool because Tablo went to Standford and got his Master's Degree =]]]

    Eunhyuk from Super Junior: Eunhyuk is one of the members who influences me. I just adore him :D. he has the ability to write very heartfelt lyrics and he dances SUPERRRR good! I get lost when i watch him dance ^___^; same goes with Yunho from DBSK XDDD

    Jo Kwon from 2AM: He trained for a really long time with JYP before he ever debuted. i think it was around 7 or 8 years. that's a relly long time to be a trainee and i really like him because he's spent so much time trying to do what he loves :'D

    Brian Joo from Fly to the Sky: OMG how can anyone not love Brian?!?! He's so adorable and funny and talented and sexy at the same time! ^____^;;; I really admire Brian because he's seems like a really good person. In korean variety shows he's featured in, I always have a blast watching him :D. And he's been through tough times too and he's just one of my role models. He's pretty religious too, which is a plus i think and he's so cute when he's with his niece (video of him with her on youtube). He just brings a smile to everyone's face :D

    well, this was a fun question to answer :DDDD

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Nickleback

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bob Marley, greatest musician ever

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    christina aguilera - her music always has a meaning. and is inspirational.

    paramore - they are so real and easy going, and i just love their sound.

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  • KAT DELUNA and JAY SEAN!! <3

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nickelback bro

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