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earning,earnings 有什麼差?



earning,earnings 都是收入


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    不對, 兩者意義不同

    1. earing: 動名詞有"賺取"的意思


    part-time earning by home jobs

    my earning power

    earning my ears(讓我得以傾聽)

    Which is the best way of earning?

    start earning a real income

    a site to use for earning points

    2. earnings: (N.) 收入(income); 工資(wage); 利潤(profit)


    You must show your annual earnings in the tax form. 你必須在稅單上註明你的年收入。

    accounting earnings

    會計盈餘 (公司在損益表上所報之盈餘)

    before-tax earnings


    earnings per share date




    invisible earnings


    As we approach another earnings season, please make sure to ...

    Worst Performing Stocks on Earnings(指獲利)

    Citi analyst cuts earnings(利潤) estimates on Apple to reflect softer ...

    Chaos Theory Takes Hold Of Corporate Earnings(企業收入或獲利)

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    earnings 是 名 詞 , 必 是 複 數 (pl) 加 s, 是 指 工 資 , 薪 水 ; 所 賺 的 錢 。

    根 據 辭 典 , 如 要 指 收 入 , 不 能 用 earning.

    要 當 動 詞 那 就 是 earn

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    earning: 一 種 行 為 或 程 序 來 獲 得 報 酬 或 名 位 , 或 使 人 得 到 賠 償 或 抵 賞( 加 人 旁 )

    example: the earning of his high position is not easy

    earning power

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    earnings: a. something as wage or dividend earned as compensation for labor or the use of capital

    b. the balance of revenue for a specific period that remain after reduction of related costs and expenses

    Source(s): 梁 實 秋 最 新 實 用 英 漢 辭 典, Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Webster's Third New International Dictionary
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    earning 和 earnings 都是名詞, 前者是單數形, 後者是複數形. 根據 Longman 美式英語字典上的解釋, 具有兩個意含:

    (1) the money that you can earn by working

    (2) the profit that a company makes

    簡單的說也就是 "收入" 或 "利潤" 的意思. 使用時, 就視所要表達的意思, 來選擇使用單數形或複數形. 不過, 一般說來, 複數形比較常見.

    ex1: A number of youngers live beyond their earnings.

    ex2: With the economic recession, many companies gain a few earnings.

    Source(s): Longman Dictionary of American English
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    earn, earns, earned

    i want to earn my incomes legally.

    she earns about $1000 per month.

    they earned a total sum of 10k last month.


    譬如 - they have decided to keep all their earnings in bank.

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