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had, have, have had 時態疑問


應該是何者較正確呢? 或者能否解釋以下各句的意涵與時態觀念

1. I have expected that.

2. I had expected that.

3. I expected that.

4. I have had expected that.

5. I had had expected that.


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    1. 因為是指過去所以要用 I expected that

    e.g. I expected that 3 days ago. 就是說在三天前我已料到

    2. I have expected that to be the case 指到現在為止一直這樣期待

    3. 假設法語氣的期待要用這樣: would(should) have expected 代表過去應該會這樣期待

    I would have expected this article to discuss the PS3. (我過去會期待此文章會討論 PS3)

    If that were the case, then one would have expected at least a few major figures in the mainstream newspaper media to actually have forseen the present set of crises.

    Your comments are generally "dead on" and I certainly would have never expected a male to understand some of these depths.

    4. 所以, 我那時候就預料到了: I expected that at that time

    我那時候就應該已預料到了: I should have expected that at that time

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