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    1.The M shape society becomes more obvious

    First of all , the rising oil price will reduce the populace’s plan to purchase the automobile. The populace may travel by the public transport . However, the prices of total commodities rise because the livelihood necessaries are going up due to the rise of the transport expense and the plastified original material price. These results in the reduction of the wage earners' disposable income. The rise of the original materials price, water and electricity charges, and oil price corrode the enterprise profit shortly. However, the enterprise's CEO can certainly raise the product selling price thereafter to keep the enterprise's profit. Therefore, the price rise simply does not have any influence to the business owners or the rich people.

    2.The global economy recession

    Although the rising oil price does not affect the pyramid peak class of consumers, the final consumers of the common populace will be influenced. The reduction of disposable income causes the populace to limit to expend three big basic demands for foods, clothes and houses, etc. Therefore, the majority of defective enterprises will go bankruptcy inevitably. These will increase the overall unemployment rate, and reduce every country's GDP, and as a result, create a more serious economy depression.


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    第一行的First of all , the rising oil price will reduce the populace's

    最後populace's 應該沒有空格

    2009-01-15 14:10:55 補充:

    第四行末 results 的s要去掉,變成These result in the reduction of the wage earners'


    Source(s): 電子字典 & 公司國外業務同仁
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  • 1 decade ago

    1, M-type of society becomes more obvious

    First of all, oil prices would reduce the willingness of people to buy a car, although people can take public transportation, but the people's livelihood because the freight and plastics supplies raw materials prices, resulting in overall price rise, resulting in salary reduction in pay in real terms in class. Raw materials, utilities, although rising oil prices will eat into short-term profits, but the long term, high-end enterprise by managers would raise their product prices to maintain profits, so price increases on business owners or rich there is no difference between people.

    2, the global economic downturn

    Although oil prices will not affect the top of the consumer pyramid, but all the production plants are the ultimate consumers of the general public, the real income of the reduction will lead to people with limited income will be used in food, clothing and housing and other basic needs of the three. Most of the adverse physical enterprise is bound to go down the tubes, resulting in the overall unemployment rate, the lower the GDP, resulting in more serious economic recession.

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