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幫我翻譯情書 (請勿使用線上翻譯)

最近想寫一封情書 ,要英文的 (可是英文不好)

想請英文達人幫幫我 幫我翻譯一下

我要很口語並充滿詩意的, 不要線上翻譯的,因為文法都錯誤





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  • 1 decade ago
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    I listen carefully to every sentence you speak, and that's why I read a lot into it. Even though I know the things you say may not carry a hidden message, sensitive as I am, I still wonder about them a lot. I just can't quit guessing what you mean. Perhaps like I said to you before, I am just too sensitive about things and words, and I read into them too much, so as to make it frustrating for each other. The anxiety and uncertainty that weighs so much on my mind is almost like a sudden thunder shattering a peaceful spring time, as if it gets everything worked up. And so is the agitation on my heart.

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