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The meaning of----

* shareholder

* stockholder

* debtholder

* bondholder

and the difference


ps *contractor-cum-shareholder

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    debtholder or debt holder:債務持有者

    (如下之參考網站原文 :應是指 投資者投資債劵機構 而該機構破產後 的債劵債務持有者.

    如下原文中 亦提到 debtholder

    ,shareholder 與 stockholder 之關聯性與語意 and the difference that you ask)

    ~~ ~~

    A debtholder is the investor who holds a debt instrument, most commonly a bond. With bonds, the terms bondholder and debtholder are used interchangeably. In the event of bankruptcy, ownership of the bond issuer transfers from stockholders to debtholders. If the bankruptcy results in a complete liquidation, the debtholder is paid out of the proceeds first. The debt held by a debtholder can be senior debt or subordinated. A debtholder possessing senior debt is in the most secure position, because senior debt obligations are paid ahead of subordinated ones. Default is not the only way for a debtholder to become a shareholder. With a convertible bond the debtholder has a choice to convert the debt to shares of preferred or common stock.

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    contractor-cum-shareholder :承包商附帶股東

    (譬如承包商包攬某建地工程 該建地工程業主請該承包商插股或入股~~此為常見的建商行規)



    賭金保管人or 企業利害關悉人(如股東、債權人、員工等



    Stockholders' equity(Net Worth):股東權益(淨值)

    retained earnings:保留盈餘

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    shareholder跟 stockholder這兩者皆為股票所有人的意思

    debtholder為債務的債權人 如 應收貨款之受益人之類

    bondholder為公債所有權人 如 公司債 國債持有人

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