how can i get my w-2 from mypay?

i was discharged from the military a year ago, i lost some of my discharge paperwork and have found it recently. i do not have a mypay account due to the fact that the computers at my bct company did not work. is there any other way to get my w-2?

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    1 decade ago
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    W2's will be available on mypay starting the 23rd of January. If you do not have any MyPay access they will mail the hard copy to you after that time. Contact MyPay if you have questions about what address they are sending that to. They maybe able to give you temp access to your account using a PIN.

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    go to the nearest military base to you, and go to the finance office, tell them you were discharged, when it happened, and that you have no mypay account. They should be able to help you.

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    you should be able to print it off January 23 no later than the 31st!

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