How was the movie Bride Wars?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes I saw Bride Wars staring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway yesterday. The movie was so good. I was super entertained. If your a girl you will automatically luv <3 the movie!!! It is about 2 best friends Liv and Emma. They have been friends forever. They dream to have their weddings in June at the Plaza. They are still best friends when they're older and they end up both getting proposed to. They have only 3 openings at the plaza for the next 3 years and they're all in June. They end up having their weddings on the same day as eachother and start a war. They try to make the other bride embaressed, fat, stupid and much more. They play pranks on eachother. My favorite part of the movie is the dance off. It is really funny. It was really appropriate too. I'd say 4 stars and in my opinion: see the movie!!

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