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What is a mild to medium secnt cologne?

Please add how often you are complimented(men).....or how often u compliment(women).....Im trying to add some new cologne's to my collection....Thank You.

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    "It's hard for me to describe the scent of Paris Hilton for men, so if you're blindly interested in this because someone recommended it or you just want to find that "signature" cologne, I can't really help you get an understanding of the smell. I can, however recommend this highly. It's manly but not butch, it's delicious but not girly.. I don't know really. I do know that I wear a vast amount of colognes (and sometimes perfumes!) because I'm an addict, lol.. but out of them all I think I've probably gotten the most compliments from this one. I've had strangers off the street ask me about what I'm wearing. They're always a little surprised to find out that Paris Hilton makes a men's fragrance and I like that too! It's a fun way to start a conversation and break the ice.

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    Stetson Black smells really nice on guys!

    also one thats cheap at Wal-mart called Big Attitude.

    BOD in the green bottle called Fresh Guy smells really good too!

    (not fresh blue musk but just Fresh guy)

    Drakkar cologne smells really good but its a older cologne.

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    romance silver by ralph lauren

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