Margarita Mix....10 points!!!?

Hi I want to make my own margaritas for my birthday, and ive found some really good answers on here, but I have no idea what triple sec is??? is it alcohol or just something you buy to go along with the margaritas?? Thanks for all your help.

And if anyone has any drink ideas to go along with jose quervo that would be awesome!

and if anyone knows good drinks

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    Triple Sec is also known as Orange Curacao, it is a cheap low grade, low proof orange liqueur. If it's your B-day, truly a special occasion worthy of a special cocktail, bag the Triple Sec altogether and buy yourself either Grand Marnier or Cointreau and substitute one of those for the Triple Sec (I'd suggest Grand Marnier out of the two). You want the worlds greatest margarita? A margarita that'll blow your doors off? Here's how you do that:

    First, and I know it sounds like a pain in the ***, but it's really not, even with a hand-held citrus juicer, YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN HOMEMADE SOUR MIX. Yes, I know they sell a coupla ready-made margarita mixes in the store, but it's your damn birthday and dammit, you deserve it. And besides, the difference between that crap in the store and this stuff I'm about to tell you how to make, is stark raving freakin' unbelievable. Trust me OK? Here it is:

    1 cup lemon and/or lime juice, FRESH SQUEEZED (use both, adds more depth to the final product).

    1 cup distilled or spring water, tap if you must.

    Half cup cane sugar, more to taste if preferred (using light brown sugar isn't bad either, especially for caribbean based cocktails). Stir until dissolved.

    Some egg white (1-2 oz) can be added to this in order give your cocktail a nice frothy head after shaking. It's optional though.

    Now you've got your sour mix, the rest is way easy.

    In a nice tall 12 - 14 oz glass (assuming you don't have margarita glasses), fill with ice. Add about 1.5 - 2 oz good gold tequila (yes, Cuerva Gold is fine, no need to totally blow the budget). Add 3/4th - 1 oz Grand Marnier. Fill glass with your homemade sour mix. Transfer contents of glass into a cocktail shaker-shake it like the San Francisco earthquate would shake it. Salt the rim of your glass (NOT table salt, either Kosher Salt, or Cuervo sells ready-made margarita salters). Pour contents of shaker back into your glass. Float a little more Grand Marnier on top, Sip. Slurp. Then try to find all your doors that were just blown off.


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    Triple sec is an orange flavored liquor, but its about the cheapest you can get. You can use controy, that is a little bit better. Or cointreau, its french and its even better than controy. But if you wanna go top notch, use Grandmarnier, this here is made with cognac and orange liquor and theres nothing like it.

    If you like tequila, forget about Jose Cuervo. Jose Cuervo is a commercial brand medium-low quality. Herradura, Don Julio and Reserva de los Gonzales if you can find it. Im from Guadalajara (40 minutes away from tequila jalisco) and I heard that Jose Cuervo makes its tequila with the agave that Herradura dont want, in other words, left overs.

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    You don't have to buy margarita salt. Medium to coarse sea salt or kosher salt will work just fine. To get it to stick, You run a lime around the edge of the glass and dip the glass into salt that you have spread on a plate . You can also just dip the glass in the margarita before you pour it, and then dip it in the salt. That works really well too. You can also flavor the salt with lemon or lime zest or chili powder if you like a little kick.

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    Triple Sec is a orange flavoured liqueur.

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    triple sec is actually a sweetener made from oranges, sugar and alcohol. its about 45 proof and you get it at the liquor store.

    i hope you are of legal age to drink, so on that note; good drinks depends on a persons taste. just ask a few friends about their favs.

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    triple sec is an orange liqueur and is part of the margarita. you can use grand marnier too

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    ive used orange juice instead of triple sec. and how about jose and coke? i have no clue.

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