baby mice, help please?

well... we have 3 mice for our class pets and our teacher accidentally got a boy mouse.... and he knocked up the other 2 mice and then when she took him back and got a diffrent mouse who is also pregnant. so we have 3 pregnant mice and we were wondering how long mice are pregnant for and what color will the be if the color combinations are

Black x White and Black x Carmel? thanks for the help any other extra info will help :)

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    Young mother mice will sometimes eat their own babies. Make sure NOONE touches the babies, otherwise the mommy will eat them. And because they are class pets, I don't know how much time is given to make the mice socialized to humans. So because the mice do not fully trust you, Do Not Touch the babies. At least not for the first week.

    Now, pregnant mice do well in the same cage (just don't put the male mouse in with them). But if a female mouse is not pregnant and the other mouse is, place them in separate cages.

    And while the mommy mice are pregnant, they require food with more protein. Baby mice that are growing up also require food with more protein. Their food(mommy and babies) should have around 24% protein. (Normally, mice are given food with 14% protein; any higher and it is not healthy.)

    As for color combinations, you'd have to look in a science book pertaining mice genetics. Though there should be some babies that look like their father or mother, and rarely some that don't look like either (maybe some white?). It all really depends on the parents' genes.

    Make sure the food and water source is near the mother mice so they won't have to go too far from their babies.

    Babies can be weaned at around 4 weeks. When a mouse is weaned, it means it no longer needs the milk that the mother mouse provides. That pretty much means you can adopt out the mice when they're weaned.

    Don't put the male mouse back in with the female mice cause before you know it they'll be pregnant again.

    Female mice mature at 6 weeks after birth, and male mice mature at 8 weeks after birth. Once those baby mice are weaned, separate the females from the males and put them in 2 separate cages. This is a good site to see how to differentiate between male and female mice at different ages.

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    i have had pregnant mice, it's about two and a half weeks. wait a week or so after they are born before changing the bedding. put them in seperate cages so they don't fight over the babies. also find a pet shop that will take them before they are weaned so you know exactly what to do with them.

    don't know colors, but my white mouse plus my male gray mouse made

    6 white babies, 4 black babies. no gray babies... :(

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    I don't know tons about mice but this site really helps...

    mice are pregnant for 18-20 days... so get prepared!!!

    also, they will kill and get vicious when pregnant, so you have to separate them in different cages... or else no mice are left...

    mice might eat their young if not feed well enough during the pregnancy.

    read this link, it's great!

    good luck

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    Go to the local vet or petstore and buy the milk powder that they use to feed kittens that have lost thier mother. Mix up a very small bit of this and then dip the end of a thin cloth into it till it drips milk and then move the end to the mouses mouth and let the milk drip into the mouth. eventually the baby will start nursing on the cloth. If you plan to release this animal back into the wild you must make sure physical contact is very minimal. Now having said that if it is a very young mouse it will not know how to go to the bathroom. You will need a warm, wet cloth and you will need to use the cloth to stroke the mouses hind end to stimulate defication.

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