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ohio state buckeyes............?

how do you think they will do next year and yes i think terrel has a chance of competing for the heisman...any michigan fans out there well guess what yes ohio state will beat you again.......i think terrel will have a chance for heisman since he will not be a freshman and will not make some of his mistakes he has made like the penn state qb sneak up the middle but then runs on the outside and fumbles and does not follow play...but i love the buckeyes but i predict tim tebow will win the heisman and tie the great archie griffin

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    Ohio State will be competing for a national championship yet again next season. I think if they can beat USC (that's a big if) then they'll ahve a really good chance at making the NC game. Their only challenger in the Big ten is Penn State (with Wisky and Northwestern as darkhorses). If they beat Penn State at State College, they should go 8-0 in Big ten play, and that combined with an undefeated nonconference would put them in the NC game. But again, they've got to get by USC and avoid any Big ten upsets.

    They return 7/11 starters on defense, including everybody on the defensive line and 3/4 in the secondary. They'll have a total of five 3-year starters on the defense (Cameron Heyward, Lawrence Wilson, Donald Washington, Kurt Coleman, and Anderson Russell), all of whom will be seniors except for Heyward, who will be a junior. Thats some serious experience. I highly doubt the Buckeyes will miss Laurinitis, Jenkins, and Freeman at all. The 2009 Buckeyes defense will again be one of the nations best

    Offensively, there's a few question marks (who's the top receiver? who's the workhorse tailback? will the o-line be more consistent?) But then again, Ohio State returns Terrelle Pryor at QB, has 3/5 starters back on the o-line (Boren counts as a returning starter), and has plenty of tailbacks and receivers to turn to.

    Tailback: Boom Herron, Brandon Saine (who's your guys version of BJ Askew), Jamal Berry, and Carlos Hyde

    Wide Receiver: Brian Hartline (3 year starter), Ray Small (technically a 3 year starter), Dane Sanzanbacher, Taurian Washington, Devier Posey, and LaMarr Thomas (plus Jake Ballard at tight end)

    All in all, I expect no less then a 10 win season from the 2009 buckeyes, a likely 5th straight Big ten championship (don't know if it'll be a co-championship or an outright championship), and a second straight blowout victory over my beloved Michigan Wolverines (after which dick fraudriguez will be FIRED)

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    I think the Ohio State Defense always gets the raw deal. Sometimes a quarterback goes into a shell if he plays early tough games. I thought the Buckeyes played well enough to beat Texas. Say what you want to every time a team has won a NC the quarterback has not really been a Super player. Tennessee without Peyton(T. Martin) LSU Jarmacus Russell (Matt FLynn) As you can see great teams win NC Trophies. Ohio State makes an excellent case for Next year, but the Defense will have to step up.

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    I think it'll be a rebuilding year for the Buckeyes, not in the sense of 2007, but more like 2004. I see Ohio State losing to USC, Penn State, Iowa, and a reinvigorated Purdue. Penn State looks like to be a national title contender next year, or at the very least, a Big Ten title contender. Pryor hasn't shown me anything impressive by himself other than being able to catch defenses off guard. It was a combo of Boeckman and Pryor that nearly beat Texas, so the loss of Boeckman (who actually led you to the NCG in 2007) will hurt more than many OSU fans will think. While he can run like a gazelle, he throws with all the accuracy of a high school quarterback. If a team stacks the box like Penn State did, OSU is in big trouble. That's why I predict Ohio State to be a better than their record 8-4 (5-3) next year and go to the Outback Bowl. Here's how I see your schedule going.

    - Navy - Blowout W (the Midshipmen are a decent team as far as of the mid-major levels go, but Ohio State should make a statement early)

    - USC - Blowout L (sorry, but USC is invincible in OOC and bowl games, did you see what they did to Arkansas at Arkansas in 2006, the SEC runner up? I expect something like that, wish it wasn't the case but I have to be honest here)

    - Toledo - Solid W (but surprisingly not a blowout, some hangover effects from the loss to USC will still be lingering)

    - Illinois - Blowout W (the Illini will be terrible and go 1-11 next year just like in 2003, since 2008 was a mimic of 2002)

    - @ Indiana - Solid W (Indiana will be terrible, but home field advantage will preserve some Hoosier dignity)

    - Wisconsin - Solid W (it's at the Shoe, and I expect Wisconsin to have their first losing season in a long time)

    - @ Purdue - Close L (Purdue will be reinvigorated and looking to pull off the upset)

    - Minnesota - Close W (an upset minded Golden Gophers team will fall short of accomplishing their goal)

    - New Mexico State - Blowout W (New Mexico State is a joke and this should serve as a nice confidence booster)

    - @ Penn State - Solid L (but that confidence won't last long, the Nittany Lions won't blow out the Buckeyes, unless you consider a 14-17 point win a blowout, but this is going to be a great Nittany Lions team expected to be rebuilding but doing good, a la 2007 Buckeyes)

    - Iowa - Close L (the Hawkeyes have a knack for pulling off upsets, but in 2009 I honestly expect them to be favorites and to win by a last second field goal or something)

    - @ Michigan - Solid W (Michigan should be better in 2009, going 6-6 and making a bowl game, but Ohio State will be better, don't expect another 42-7 whacking, but something like 28-10 is reasonable)

    Be careful with my predictions. Last time I predicted a team to go 7-5 or 8-4, they ended up going 3-9 (Michigan, but I did get their upset of Wisconsin right along with the Utah loss and Utah being a dynamite team). But Ohio State is too good to go 3-9. But pretty much the whole starting team is going to be replaced. But don't despair, 2001 was I think a 7-4 year but 2002 was one of the best Buckeye teams in awhile (I still think the 1996 and 1998 Buckeyes were better though). But rebuilding years happen, being an Ohio State, Penn State, Florida type of team, a rebuilding year means 8-4 or 9-3 and a good year means 11-1 or 12-0. At least OSU isn't a team like Indiana where their dream season is a 7-5 season that's only a storybook year for them because they made it to a bowl.

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    I really dont have a lot of confidence in him developing. He is physically talented, but has a football IQ is about 65. He has no idea where to throw the ball on certain patterns and zero ability to read defenses. He is playing on a high school freshman level.

    I'm saying this because i cant believe he hasnt picked this stuff up by now, but maybe his high school team wasnt very good or he didnt have good coaching. I am also disappointed in his lack of effort. He gives up a lot yards by ducking out of bounds early to avoid contact and doesnt seem to run full speed when he should be. And those rainbow colored bracelets? How gay is that?

    I really hope I am wrong and he grows a brain. With a decent quarterback, Ohio State would have won the national championship easily.

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    Ohio State should of been better last year....if pryor has a good year he will be a finalist competing with Tebow.......Florida and Ohio State National Championship game......Florida winning a third......sorry just a Florida fan.....not going to suck up to get the 10 points, just being honest

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    Well, I'll go with what always happens. They are a good team that falls a little short.

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    What does it matter how they do the will just blow it in their next bowl game. Can you say CHOKE.

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