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I have to write an essay for english and I am completely brain dead on what to write about. My teacher gave us 2 main topics we can choose from they are Power/Corruption or Choices/Outcomes. I am having a hard time choosing between the two. We also have to come up with our own essay question, and that is troubling me the most. This is a formal essay and we have to use quotes & quote analysis. My teacher also suggested that we use quotes from the stories we already read in class which are...

Julius Caesar

Killing Mr. Griffen

Fahrenheit 451

anf Robert Frost poetry

So my question to you is..Do you have any suggestions oh which topic you think would be the easier one, and can you help me think of an essay quesion? If you could give me some information to put into my essay based on the stories I listed that would be great too!



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    Ok...well do Power and Corruption because then all your references can come for Julius Caesar.

    A question could be, When you have control do you actually lose control? Because you can think about how people actually lose control of your personal inhibitions.

    For your essay look at the end of the book and the beginning that is where you'll find the best examples, the middle will be bogged down with too many facts and events...the beginning and end will reflect the two extremes. Good Luck.

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    Power/Corruption would be a good topic to use with Julius Caesar. However, using Choices/Outcomes would be good with Killing Mr.Griffin. I loved that book in high school. Anyhow, you can write about how the choices the kids make in the book effect their lives and the lives of others. Every choice has a consequence.

    As for an essay question, how is this

    Do you agree with the choice X character made concerning Y situation. Why or why not? What would you have done?

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    well if its all about quote analysis i suggest that you do the story killing mr griffen_ uhm even though i haven't read the story if will be the most easiest - - even more than poetry but then you can also do power and corruption for some of julius ceaser's views...........i mean it really depends on what you find to be easy

    hope this helps ♥

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    Power/Corruption seems to me to be the logical choice, considering the availability of Julius Caesar and Fahrenheit 451. Both deal with how the ruling class abuse their power and become worse for it.

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