Why do you think my question about my letter to the Supreme Court about Berg v. Obama keeps getting deleted?

Do you think this letter I sent to the 9 Supreme Court Justices is fair? I had over 50 responses to this question last time but it still eventually got deleted....why?

To the Justices of the United States Supreme Court,

John Roberts,

Samuel A. Alito,

Clarence Thomas,

Antonin, Scalia,

Anthony M. Kennedy,

David H. Souter,

John Paul Stevens,

Stephen G. Breyer, and

Ruth Bader Ginsberg:

I’m a 33 year-old, African-American, natural-born citizen of these United States of America . I have been following the Berg. v. Obama case for a few months and believe Mr. Berg has presented some compelling facts that show there are some issues that must be clarified with respect to the citizenship of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

As an American voter on election nights, I believe I have the right to ballots that ONLY contain names of legally-qualified candidates. If I’m presented with a ballot that, unbeknownst to me, contains the names of any fraudulent or legally-unqualified candidates, then in that case I’ve been deceived and my ability to make an informed choice among qualified candidates has been diminished. In such a situation my right to participate in a free and fair election would not have been given to me, rather I would have been presented with a deceptive and unfair election in which to participate.

At this point, I can only “hope” that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. meets the three eligibility requirements that our constitution clearly states with respect to the POTUS. However, I’m not satisfied with, nor do I believe I have to be satisfied with just “hoping” our constitution has not been rendered meaningless.

You are the entity that our constitution gives the power to make sure our supreme legal document, the constitution, is not rendered meaningless in any way.

I ask that you give the Berg. v. Obama case the attention it deserves and demand that all issues with respect to the citizenship and birth certificates of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. are fully-resolved.



Akron , OH


To poster "David H.": Why is it nonsense to wonder why the Obama legal team has spent around $800,000 in legal fees fighting the various lawsuits accross the country about Obama's citizenship, when all they should have to do with a natural-born defendant is request from Hawaii a $10 copy of the original birth certificate? $10 vs. $800,000?

Update 2:

To poster "leopardlady": My question is do you think the letter is fair, why or why not? How is that not a real question with real possible answers?

Update 3:

To poster "David H.": I provided this link last time, but of course, that question was deleted....


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    Seems fair to me. i wished they would look into the legality of Mr Obama running for the office myself. I too am not satisfied.


    US Army


  • 1 decade ago

    It is truly a shame that the Supreme Court has decided against Mr. Berg's writ. If a legal citizen, taxpayer and voter does not have standing to challenge Mr. Obama's claims, then who actually does?

    Glad to see a fellow Ohioan standing up for what is right.

    The Warlock

  • CAT^
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    1 decade ago

    Join the club. All my very infrequent questions are deleted. It's the price of conversing with children.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can see these questions still out there but I'm sure you'd rather believe that there's some big conspiracy. Maybe you don't see it because you asked it under another id? I'm just saying....

    Again, I wish you good luck but I'm still pretty sure that the Supreme Court doesn't really make decisions based on public opinion.

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  • dont u think that the Supreme Court and the other powers-that-be have sense enough to figure that out already? Do u really think that you and the other Y!A surfers have more political sense than supreme court justices?? Thats probly why u keep getting deleted. Stop sending this letter before you get put on the list of ppl to "watch out for."

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    They have made a choice not to hear this case. Do you really think that if this case had any merit they would have rejected it? I think you wrote a nice letter. It is not all that compelling.

  • Bob M
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    1 decade ago

    It got deleted because yahoo is even further left than Odumber.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obamanites do not want to face the possibility that the Messiah may be arrested on inauguration day.!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because everybody is bored crapless with this nonsense.

    "Why is it nonsense to wonder why the Obama legal team has spent around $800,000 in legal fees fighting the various lawsuits accross the country about Obama's citizenship,"


    Thank you for your "source". A blogger talking to somebody from WorldNet Daily. Anybody with a quarter of a mind can set up a blog. Your source is living proof.

    Read this and weep:


  • 1 decade ago

    You got 53 answers to this same question this morning before the question was deleted (for whatever reason I don't know).

    Why weren't those 53 answers good enough? Didn't they provide you with enough information?

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