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Type 1 diabetes in the Air Force?

Hello everyone, my brother is interested in joining up with the air force but he has type 1 diabetes. at first we were sure that it was a disqualifying factor, but now weve been hearing about people with type one diabetes in the air force. i was wondering if this is true. and if so what sort of jobs can someone with diabetes hope for?

any input is greatly appreciated.



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    I am an insulin independent diabetic. I asked around and even called each of the branches for armed service. Sadly enough, if you have ANY medical illness that may jeopardize your health or the health of the soldiers around you, you can not and will not serve. Such as let's say every soldier dies, which would be sad, and you can't go into active service because your a diabetic and would die if you got caught without your medication, then you have no point in serving. To serve means to travel and fight in wars. It's not just diabetes, my friend has an extreme skin condition that allows open skin to become infected easily, if he served he couldn't go into trenches or lay down in battle, because he would loose limbs quite easily. It's really just a technicality, i mean why shouldn't diabetics be able to serve as sponsors, Navy recruiting centers, traveling agents to the state. I mean we could be of help, but the state will never take that chance in the long run, because they are looking at a lawsuit if a diabetic, skin infected, or any type of serious medical illed person was to be captured and died.

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    About the only way to get a waiver with a serious, active condition like type 1 diabetes is to have a critically needed skill. Unless you have a college degree in a highly needed area, or prior military experience that makes you uniquely qualified, a waiver would not be granted. If you think you have a special qualification, talk to your recruiter. If you don't, don't bother.

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    Ask a recruiter to be 100% sure or check the Air Force website and see if there is a number that you can reach a live person to talk to about this.

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