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What is to be done about the Democrat Culture of Corruption?

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    We have a few Democrats who occasionally stray from their party's principals and act like Republicans, but for the real thing there's no corrupt or immoral politician like Republican Presidents Ronald, Reagan, Grant, Harding, Hoover, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, or U.S. Senators Strom Thurmond, Conrad Burns, Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, Bob Packwood, Ted Stevens, Larry Craig, Philip Giordano, U.S. Congressmen, Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, Henry , Bob Livingston, Bob Barr, Bob Ney, Tom Noe, Richard Pombo, Bill Thomas, Charles Canady, Dick Armey, John Peterson, Helen Chenoweth, Katherine Harris, Wild Bill, Janklow, Vito Fossella, J.C. Watts, Connie Mack, John Schmitz, Donald, Buz, Lukens, Ken Calvert, Dan Crane, Jim Bunn, Sue Myrick, Robert Bauman, Ed Schrock, Roy Blunt, Rick Renzi, Charles Taylor, Duke, Cunningham, Don Sherwood, Roy Blunt, Tom Feeney, Mark Foley, Marilyn Musgrave, Jack Abramoff, etc. etc. etc.

    There's a hell of a lot MORE at my GOP corruption web site below, the best web page on the subject on the www.

    P.S. I've been challenging Republicans for years to come up with a comparable catalogue of Democratic corruption and they can't do it because Democrats haven't been anywhere near as corrupt as the Republicans since they became liberals under F.D.R., Truman, J.F.K. and L.B.J.

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    Do you really think that the culture of corruption is something new? It's been around as long as there have been governments.We all like to think and have been lead to believe that our government is free from undue influence on elected officials. Nothing could be further from the truth. Big business runs the country through lobbying with special interest groups.

    Lobbyism started out being people having legitimate concerns about one legislation or another. It ended up being lobbyists getting a legislator to introduce a bill that would be favorable to the special interest they represent.

    Of course this happens at every level of government.

    I'm not just talking about the US. It's a way of life in some places.

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    The democrat culture of corruption is being trumpeted with messiah Obama standing at the pinnacle of the trash heap of democrat corruption. The start of the worse mistake in American History as the Media ignored all of Obama's scandals and connection to the criminal and political pay for play culture of Chicago. The lost lives of those who will die at the hands of the terrorist and dictators who see the laughing stock of weakness displayed by the Obama peace and love policies.

    These will be the grand coronation of the worse President in History eclipsing Carter and FDR. The grand scale of stupid moves like opting out of NAFTA over environmental and labor issues in Mexico and kicking yet one more pillar of the US economies strong points.

    The culture of corruption and the scandals to come will mare this nation.

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    Join the right wing resistance. Funny some guy mentions Stevens and forgot:

    Pelosi- Dole foods and Starkist

    Kennedy -

    Emanuel- general thuggery

    Reid and Abramov

    Frank and Dodd - Fredie/Fannie

    Clinton "suicides" rapes and molestations ( Kathleen Willey)

    Charlie Rangle - Abramov money and Haiti

    Source(s): A good book that explains it all is: "Caucus of Corruption" by Matt Margolis & Mark Noonan
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    Let it run it's course. Results:

    1. It actually comes out like a liberal / socialist / marxist wet dream utopia (NOT)

    2. The country collapses from economic ruin / social upheaval / everyone working for the govt with no one left to pay taxes to run it.

    3. The scumbags all get voted out and the recovery begins.

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    The purpose of assigned papers is to critically think and gain knowledge. I start my second Master's on Monday and I have plenty of my own to write--you should do your own work.

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    they are raising there kids and relatives to take there place,don't worry the democrats will not lose there strangle hold on being corrupt

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    Same thing about the Republican one. Follow the rule of law.

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    I won't give you an answer unless there's something in it for me, ya know, pay for play, the Democrat way.

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    Defending the indefensible,

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