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achs and pains around rib cage and sickness?

hi everyone for the last couple of days i have had a pain underneath my rib cage when im bending down or standing up from sitting or kneeling down and when ever i do i get a feeling a wont to be sick but nothing comes up. i have had this since saturday night, what could it be? i have recently come of the pill if this could be it?

thanks guys

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    I had this last year, it got really bad but it is easy to cure, good luck!

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    hmm ive never been on the pill, so i wouldnt know if thats a symptom. but if its a sharp pain then it could be soreness. Maybe you moved to fast or you bruised yourself somehow and so you feel some pain when you move. But if it makes you feel like throwing up or it hurts like a stomach ache then it might just be the pill. However if it cotinues to hurt, going to a doctor would be your best bet.

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    you have Cancer

    My aunt had the same Sympotons

    Shes dead

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