how have most soldiers delt with coming back home from over seas ?

I've never had any problem with adjusting back home but I have a lot of friends who are back from over seas as well. Although we all talk about things, but then again we really don't like talking or thinking about it anyways. Im looking for anyone who's been in the same position as I or similar. Thanks Sgt Brown

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    Events affects evryone individually, some handle things well others don't. I spent two tours in Vietnam 67-68 and I had no problems when i got back to the world, but I had some bussies that couldn't cope again! My son is in the Army and spent Three years in Iraq (Infantry) he has had no problems!

    USMC 68 Vietnam

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    I was in the PI in the aftermath of Marcos departure. Although we were not technically at war, times were interesting. We had to watch our backs and travel in groups wherever we went. I found ways to secure my safety with a group of negritos. Not everyone was so lucky. A buddy of mine got shot in the back and then again in the groin by a sparrow group right in front of the gates at Clark AB.

    I had culture shock when I returned home. It seems a lot of people are less concerned about their safety as they are about playing mind games with each other. Over there, you would not dream of stabbing someone in the back. Over here, people do it for entertainment. Over there, the rules are more like guidelines that you bend whenever neccessary to get the job done. Over here, the rules are more of a game to see if they can bust you. It's almost sadistic.

    I don't pretend to know what it's like for you. I only know what returning was like for me - going from the land of 10,000 bars to the middle of the bible belt where churches outnumbered the bars 20 to 1.

    Source(s): Went from Clark Ab. PI. to Eacker AFB, Blytheville AK.
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