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Girlfriends Birthday - Disaster?

It's my girlfriends birthday today, and I planned for my pay to go in and then i would go shopping..

my pays not in..

Although my birthday is this month, and i have agreed with my girlfriend that she can wait until her pays in the week after to get me something, i dont even have money to get her a card.. and i feel terrible

So im going to write her a letter expressing how much i love her, and then hopefully, damn you f*cking banks, pay will be in tomorrow

good idea?..

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    All you have to do is explain the problem with your pay. Yes, you should write her a card. I think it would be cute. But, after she reads the card, you should explain that you really wanted to get her something.. you just couldn't afford it. Then, promise her that you will make it up to her because you really care about her, and you believe she deserves to have a gift for her birthday :) Good luck!

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    aww thats horrible!!

    writing her a letter sounds like a great idea!

    but don't lie to her, include in the letter WHY your'e having to write it, she will respect you a whole lot more!

    make her a nice meal at home, dimmed lights and some music? then a cosy night on the couch with a duvet and a dvd!

    sounds like the most perfetct night ever!!

    hope she has a great day!

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    Can you send her a free birthday e card online? or maybe make your own card or print a card off the net?

    Maybe make her a meal with any food you already have in? light candles, nice music or something? then give her the letter too and buy her something extra nice when you get paid?

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  • Stitch
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    Do you have any blank CDs? You could always make her a combilation album using songs you know she likes and that show how much you love her? A letter is a great idea because its all your own words from your heart. I'm sure she'll understand. Maybe you could cook her tea too?

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    Yes good idea.....but try asking mum or a mate for a $50 to at least get her something little and tell her you have a surprise for her tomorrow.

    Or an I owe you letter you can tell her what you will be getting her and write an I OWE YOU.....

    Good luck.

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    Great idea.It's not your fault in the first place so i'm sure she'd understand even without the letter,but the letter is a nice touch.

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    you dont even have a couple of quid for a card / chocs or what eveR? jesus, what happened? credit crunch bite you in the **** unaware? spunked it all on pot, or is your job a paper round? and spent all money on puncture repair kit? dont bother with letter, dump her, and let her get someone who wil ltreat her better. her birthday has been approaching for the last 364 days - why have you not brought something sooner?

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    Just spending your time with her and writing a letter shows how much she means to you

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    just lay a soft, warm and lovey kiss on her lips and let her know why you couldn't get her a nice present (although if you guys are in love, gifts won't really matter) and i'm sure she'd understand!

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