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anbody wanna argue smoking in islam...?? ?

im kinda bored, and sick of people always saying things are harram when there not like smoking for example, any one want to argue that...


@ di... anyhting that is bad for u and does not benfit u in any way is harram smoking is benifitial because it releases stress, and i dont want to smoke i just want to argue why peolpe that say its harram because its not...

Update 2:

Smoking has a benifit which is it releifs stress without taking u out of ur regular state of mind (like what achole and weed doo) plus some popl e like the taste of cigerettes too, and thirdly candy is bad for you and has little benifit, and so is alot of other things...

Update 3:

@ love allah the only one,,, no u cant compare it with achole because yes achole does releave stress but it takes u out of ur regular state of mind which is haraam, because u will do things that u do not which to do....

Update 4:

@ she said.. its not accualy she said it is Naweed guy, that was said by she said her self,, and ur the guy that pertended to be iranian princess do u not remebr me i kept swearing at her,, so u bedder watch out for me before i come to u and rip ur dick off and tranfer u into a real girl....

Update 5:

so far i have not got a good defence to what i am arguing im not a bit convinced that it is haraam....

Update 6:

@ mintee.... i know its bad for u i never argued that i just want to know why people have to rumer that its harram what is there back up, im not argueing it being bad for u because i would be an idiot if i was....

Update 7:

@ true creed ur never online and by HK do u mean ur intails or HK the person who has had enough or something... lol.. and weve argued thin\s me and u before and i proved u wrong...... but we can start again if u want on msn JUST COME ONLINE

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    i should slap you.

    smokin is haram, don't be an idiot.

    ill show u when u come online

    pce ugly

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    trust me on that one bro ;)

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    I agree with everything that's been said so far, just like to add-

    There is more than enough scientific evidence to surmise that it's toxic and therefore 'haraam'. And Islam is not opposed to science.

    apart from the health aspects of why it's haraam. There's another very important reason which falls into the category of Israf (the spending of money). It is haraam to spend your money on things that aren't necessary, and we all know how expensive the habit is.

    also, please remember- you need to get to the root of it- anything that alters your brain chemistry and is bad for your health is haraam. And we all know what devastating effects smoking can have on our health, and it alters our brain chemistry because it's ADDICTIVE. If Allah Ta'ala itemized ALL the names of every drug and bad substance that we should steer clear of in the Qur'an- then can u imagine how many pages it would be?? That is why it all falls under the Khamer category.

    As Muslims we must live as pure and as healthy a life as we can, and u can't possibly tell me that smoking fits into that picture can u?

    Ask urself this q, would u smoke near children? If you're a decent human then the answer is probably no. Well, children are humans just like u, so why would u put that poison in ur body? And why wouldn't it be haraam if it is referred to as poison?

    If you are a smoker and can't kick the habit then there are numerous amounts of things u can do these days to beat this addiction. Plus never underestimate the power of prayer through du'aa.


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    Salam Alaikom. Whatever looks like something is doing more harm than good, it should be avoided at all costs. People say that alcohol releases stress, and they turn to drinking when they are in a state of depression for comfort, but later they would have liver disease, cancer, heart disease and so on. Smoking also causes cancer and other health problems. For a while you may like it and it makes you feel good, but once you're addicted, and you hurt yourself with it, along with your family and friends too (theres second hand smoking too by the way which can hurt other people) then it will be considered wrong because you're bringing harm onto yourself and other people. Its just what I think. Salam Alaikom :)

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    I'd argue you but I have to go now so umm ya read my answer to this.But it is HARAM! Not only that, forget haram, use common sense, there is no point in smoking. And are you serious? Stress? That's the benefit? Bro...a lot of people that smoke WANT to quit but can't, it's not something they're proud of, so that adds stress to them. It doesn't relieve it. And also stress is such a lame excuse to start smoking, the risks are still outweighing the benefits by a long shot. Just think reasonably does it make sense to ''relieve'' this stress by something potentially dangerous? And does it sound right to temporarily relieve this stress and end up with cancer? Is cancer going to relieve stress? No of course not. There are numerous of other ways to combat stress in a safe an effective manner.


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    hmm what will u achieve if u smoke huh?? it's haram!!! check this out :

    "And make not your own hands contribute to your destruction" (2:195). What the hell does smoking do to u?? Does it not weaken ur lungs, damage ur heart too, make ur teeth n fingernails yellow.. ewww how the hell are u gonna find a wife if u look like some slag?? jeesh, are u a big baby that u need to be told again how it affects ur health? The Prophet s.a.w said "Do not hurt yourselves nor injure others." (Ahmad & Ibn Majah). Is it not tru that smoking not only harms urself but others around u too? and why are u damaging what Allah swt has given u?

    2:267 "O you who have attained to faith! Spend on others out of the good things which you may have acquired, and out of that which We bring forth for you from the earth; and choose not for your spending the bad things which you yourselves would not accept without averting your eyes in disdain. And know that God is self-sufficient, ever to be praised." < - - now why are u wasting? Why are u spending what Allah swt has given u, in a bad way????

    It also says in the Quran : 2:168 O MANKIND! Partake of what is lawful and good on earth, and follow not Satan's footsteps: for, verily, he is your open foe..... < -- oh so ur telling me that smoking is a "good thing" on earth??? astagfirullah :@

    lmao @ u saying candy, man ur head is messed, if ur stressed then go pray to Allah swt, try and remember HIM more, work on ur iman, make ur iman stronger, and trust me, as ur sis in Islam, i'm just telling u my part! SMOKING DOES NOT RESOLVE "ISSUES", if it did, why would Allah swt create something that harms ourselves for something to resolve our troubles??? hmmm think about it.........

    tsktsk, i pray that u don't smoke, and don't "relieve ur stress" from this nasty habit, btw i love this lil animation of this cigarrette, rofl, and check these links out too on the site : http://www.attari.net/?Islam:Smoking


    edit : hahahhahahh LMAO true creed! yea man he's sooo right! *gives a glare* no messin' with H.K :P (:D* < - - - a shiny teeth emote)

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    Smoking is Prohibited in Islam according to majority of Scholars. Once an addict smoker had a question 'Is there smoking in heaven' so the scholar said ' Yes, there is, but.. when you want to smoke 'You have to get down to hell and come back' It's the nature of hell dwellers that smokes come through their nostrils and mouths. Smokers do the same. May Allah save us from the torments of this world and the hereafter.

  • 3 years ago

    no longer islam yet weed is a eye-catching factor that we could continually no longer be terrified of. And for people who say it does harm have in all probability never had any of their existence. i'm a stoner with a stoner husband an superior than satisfied relatives and an exceedingly wealthy existence type I smoke well-known and function had no problems.

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    There had been a number of "fatwa's" (edicts) declared by well known Islamic scholars on smoking. Smoking is Haram as nicotine is highly corrosive to the lungs and could eventually lead to lung cancer. Research has shown that smoking could lead to health problems like coughing, breathing difficulties, impotence, and diseases such lung cancer, etc. According to those edicts on smoking any habit that will cause harm to a person's bodily tissues is considered Haram, as is taking drugs like marijuana, LSD, cocaine, etc.

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    people say smoking is harram and it is in all cases. But what about being forced into smoking peer pressure and that. People are not going to agree with my answer saying you have free will so you don't have to smoke which shows you guys no jack as if you are forced into smoking and don't smoke they often do something dangerous to you or make you out to look like a person who is scared to do it and make you look like a right "mommy's boy".

    if you do end up being forced to smoke you will eventually get addicted to it and try to change your ways. So who says that ain't a test from god to show if yuo have enough belief in god and willpower to give up smoking. I hoped I answered your question.

    Source(s): Any question then email me. email: waleed1992@live.co.uk
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    Holy smokes! >:)

    Smoking is not Haram. It's Makruh... which is "suggested" it would be better if we avoid it.

    In logic, it is... Smoking do kills... Well, eventually we all die someday. Part of Qada and Qadar of Islamic believes also right?! But it is our logic conscience also as God's being with brains to avoid things that could cause our death to become faster... (Seriously! It's in the teachings...) Specially with things like this.

    So, my only argument is... Smoke is bad for your health, mates (tell us something we don't know.. hehehe). As a good Muslim, you should avoid it. But a good Moslem also knows the consequences of their action, don't they...

    Hope this helps.

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    One of the principles of Islamic jurisprudence is that all that is harmful and filthy is considered haram (forbidden).

    There is enough scientific evidence to prove that smoking is harmful to one's health. Islam teaches us to take care of our health and not to destroy it. By smoking we are causing our own destruction, and Allah’s order in the Qur’an is clear: “Do not cause your own destruction” (Al-Baqarah: 195); “Do not kill yourself, for verily God is ever Merciful towards you” (An-Nisaa': 29).

    Allah has prohibited us from squandering our wealth, and there is no doubt that smoking is sheer wastage of valuable resources. The money thus squandered on tobacco could very well rid the world of poverty — if correctly utilized.

    Source(s): Now does that answer your question???? Smoker scholars make smoking makrooh or whatevre,bcoz they don't want anybody to question them..So they amke their own laws..lol..And dumb people follow them,without using own's brain which Allah gifted..
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