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請幫我翻譯以下這段~非常急 感謝






可以再幫我加上面這段嗎? 不好意思 麻煩了 @@~

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    For many people, professional knowledge means the ability of striving for a good result. In fact, however, this decision doesn't touch the intrinsic quality of professional knowledge. Many people are experts indeed, but they can't achieve their wishes in every negotiations. Think of your experience of purchacing goods, when you're going to buy lots of things, you may listen to every shopkeepers' recommend. But often, it has many different advices.

    Experience is, indeed, very useful. With experience, you can play an important role immediately while in negotiation. However, we can't have good result in every negotiations with only experience. We can feel and learn different things in experience. We face different situations while negotiating, thus we learn from mistakes. The biggest obstacle is that the real result of a tactic shows up too late, too unclear or too unmeaningful. Some people takes training, they're much better than those who don't. Training-accepter can analyze reasonablly, non-trainer has many experiences. With only experience can't change the result, that's why we need a construction of negotiation.

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    And we need rational thinking while in negotiation.

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    It has the ability to identify with the most important part in negotiation, and knows that which way can slove the problem and expand our benefits.

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    We need to estimate a special tactic when it will be well-efficient, thus to develop a professional knowledge by ourselves and train the ability of getting information are much better than some experiences that are not too sure to control.

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    To transform your experience into professtional knowledge, we have to understand the events in our past negotiation experience and divided them into successful and unsuccessful elements.

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    If we know the cause of our success, we can adjust our successful experience to make ourselves more easier of handling every events.

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