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    (A ) 選出最適當的詞或字 完成合理有意義的句子

    1. (D) stuffed

    2. (D) apply

    3. (A) claims

    4. (C) As long as

    5. (B) fragrance

    6. (A) unfold

    7. (D) rational

    8. (D) diagnosis

    9. (A)involves

    10.(B) brink

    11.(B) suffered

    12.(A) persevere

    13.(B) currency

    14.(A) cyberspace

    15.(A) look up to

    16.(B) cutting-edge

    17.(C) nosed

    18.(D) excavation

    19.(A) intact

    20.(D) caught up

    (B) 文法選擇

    21.(B) always

    22.(C) used to have

    23.(C) founded in 1872

    24.(C) seen

    25.(D) have you been studying

    26.(A) frightened

    27.(B) take off

    28.(D) was raining

    29.(A) on

    30.(D) carrying

    31.(B) who

    32.(B) where

    33.(A) up

    34.(B) opening

    35.(A) Have you been to Poland?

    (C) 填空

    36.(C) who

    37.(A) adored

    38.(A) well

    39.(C) looking

    40.(B) had

    41.(B) estimate

    42.(A) around

    43.(B) native

    44.(B) are

    45.(D) called

    46.(D) being able to help body respond to stress

    47.(B) he/she may become too thin

    48.(C) three

    49.(D) Student dropout rates for traditional classes are higher

    50.(B) 33 %

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