Spanish, french or Italian, need quick advice.?

Please help me decide whether I should take Spanish, French or Italian in college. I know Spanish is the most useful in the US and I have had many encounters with spanish speaking people but I also know French is one of the major diplomacy languages. My long term goal is to become fluent in a language and work on the side translating documents and such. I believe spanish would be easier to learn due to being able to watch Telemundo and being able to easily find people to converse with but if more people have an understanding of spanish, I figure there might be less need for translators, that on top of the diplomacy factor makes me wonder which I should take. I don't have many selling points on Italian but I'm open to suggestions, looking for quick advice, thanks in advanced. =]

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  • mari
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    1 decade ago
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    I say take either Spanish or French. Italian is a beautiful language too, but it is definitely not as useful as Spanish or French. Most of the countries in Latin America speak Spanish, and there are many countries in Africa that speak French. French is often a second or third language for Europeans, as well. Spanish is more useful here in the U.S., although you can also use French.

    I am biased because I speak Spanish and I think it's an awesome language, but I also want to learn French. Italian is a great language too, but it's not the greatest choice to begin because Spanish and French are spoken in many more places than Italian is.

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    I guess if you are planning to become a super pro translator, any country of the ones you have mention will be a good selection as they all need that kind of a service. If you would prefer to stay and work here in the States I would select Spanish, as there are 16 countries south of the border all the way to the south tip of the continent that speak Spanish; based on that fact you will have more demands and your chances will be more ample.

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    well, i am Italian and speak it fluently.... i can also understand but not speak spanish... once you know Italian you will find it very easy to understand spanish and vice-versa,

    although i live in Australia and i am not sure about the US but many people speak Italian here. i tried french and it just doesnt interest me... so you should go with the one you are going to be more interested in and the one that you will grasp easier...

    so i would say either Spanish or Italian!

  • trabia
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    1 decade ago

    hi, i'm italian

    i think it's better spanish

    italian is spoken only in italy

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