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How hard can the average human bite?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The masseter, which is the main muscle for chewing, is extremely powerful and has reached biting pressures of over 250 lbs in humans (not a normal case.)

    The average bite pressure attained by a human is 100-150 lbs of force.

    Several sources report the the limiting factor of what a human can chew through is our teeth. If our teeth were strong enough, a human possesses more than enough force to chew through a cinder block.

    Amazing, huh?

  • 4 years ago

    Bite Force Of A Human

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    There are two points being made, both of them are valid: (1) Every dog has a threshold for exhibiting biting/aggressive behavior toward a human. (2) The vast majority of dogs have much lower thresholds than is ideal (though Greek should note that NOT all dogs were bred to do what his dogs were bred to do... a Golden Retriever is supposed to be much "softer" than a Shepherd, a terrier less attuned to a handler's commands, etc). Dogs do not bite without a reason, whether that reason is genetic, socialization and training, specific environmental circumstances, or even health conditions. We all know that ANY dog can bite, the question is then under what circumstances THIS dog will bite and if that threshold is acceptable, appropriate, and safe for the function of that dog and the way they are being managed and maintained. City dogs that walk past schoolyards every day must have very high thresholds for that type of stimulation, as must dogs that live in the house with children, etc, dogs that live in rural areas and are there to scare (or even attack) human and animal intruders need to be much more reactive and even "aggressive" and that's OK. The problem is when a dog is living in a situation where their threshold should never be reached (i.e. where a bite is from a human perspective unacceptable) but where their individual threshold is often (or even ever) reached. That's when a Husky kills an infant due to their high prey drive. That's when a Cocker Spaniel puts a pesky toddler in the hospital. That's when my dog knocks down a vet tech getting knocked out for his neuter (did not bite, his threshold is higher than that, but had she pushed the issue at that point the bite was coming). Greek's point is more that proper genetics and training for the task at hand will result in a dog that will NEVER bite inappropriately simply because they are 100% suitable to react in the appropriate ways in every situation that they will face.

  • 5 years ago

    Human Bite Force

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    6 years ago


    How hard can the average human bite?

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    1 decade ago

    The first answerer is somewhat correct. The average human can administer closer to 100 pounds of pressure than 150.

    However, by comparison, a dog bite can cause over 500 pounds of pressure

    Source(s): I'm a biology major.
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