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is George Bush a redneck?

i know he was born in Connecticut, but he lives in Texas


redneck:1sometimes disparaging : a white member of the Southern rural laboring class

2often disparaging : a person whose behavior and opinions are similar to those attributed to rednecks

Update 2:

red neck :

A mentally challenged white male, usually from the South with an IQ of a beaver. They are characterized by: ignorant, intolerant of others, isolated in their own little world, uneducated, marry their own sisters, live in a run down trailer, claim to love america, but carries a confederate flag, vote against their own interest, and politically inept.

Update 3:

red neck

someone who is generally intolerant of other people who differ and/or disagree with his thinking & outlook. These folks tend to look at the world in black & white terms - there are no shades of gray, or room for flexibility.

These folks live all over the country with the heaviest concentration in the southeast & midwest.

Some characteristics of " red necks "

1. White male

2. Drinks lots of beer

3. Wears Wrangler jeans

4. Wears tshirts,sweatshirts that are usually too small

5. Usually has a beer gut from drinking lots of beer

6. Lives on junk food, lots of beef, fried chicken

7. Nascar fan

8. Outdoor hobbies/activities - fishing, hunting

9. Drives a pickup truck

10. Hates Liberals, Gays, Minorities

11. Does not read much except cheap magazines

12. Often treats women like 2nd class citizens

13. Strict with his kids - often will use physical force to discipline his kids

14. Usually not open t

Update 4:

14. Usually not open to reasoning & negotiation

15. Supported & Voted for George W. Bush

Update 5:

hey i got my definition from webster dictionary,

not my fault .

thanks for being reported

i want to thank god and my mom and my dad and u peopel for giving me the opportunity to ask these great questions.

Update 6:

marsika i guess thruth hurts

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    Ha ha funny thing is, I fall under a majority of the catagories on that list with a few exceptions....

    1) I am not a man......but according to gretchen wilson a woman can be a redneck too!

    2)I don't hate liberals, gays or minorities

    3)Don't have any kids, but i dont believe in physical force on children

    4)Very open to reasoning & negotiation

    5)didnt vote for Bush because I wasnt old enough but i support him

    6)dont have a beer gut!

    7)I dont marry my kin folk!

    8)Live in a nice apartment at college that I work and pay for

    9) I love america & have an american flag flyin in the front yard

    Oh yeah, and I dont have the IQ of a Beaver. 4.0 Deans list 7 semesters in a row!



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is interesting is that no one finds the offensive, but if i posted a question about Obama being a you know what, I wonder what kind of response i would get. It would at least be deleted.

    I don't like bush, but you do realize that terms like redneck and hick are the equivalent for the other derogatory terms used for people of color? You are in essence, downing your own race. Look it up, the term is closely related to "cracker". It is meant to be derogatory. It was used by the same upper white rich class after the civil war to characterize that class of people who worked on the farms and such next to the black people.

    You are a redneck too, because you are white and not rich. Get it. As much as i dislike Bush, his money automatically disqualifies him in the classical sense of the term from being a real "redneck". He never got a sun burn around his neck from working in the sun all day on the farm. Bush Jr never had to really work a hard day in his life. LOL.

    And no i didn't report, I don't believe in reporting people. Its their first amendment right to say what ever they want.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bush is average, if average is a successful BA from Yale and a MBA in Business from Harvard, and a twice elected Governor of Texas and successfully trained certified F102 fighter pilot and two term President of the US. He also failed in an oil rigging business during the Carter Administration, but parleyed a half million dollar loan into a $14 million dollar return on co-ownership of the Texas Rangers. Bush has the dissent of many, but he will be known in History..will any of us!

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. Why do you say that? He may talk like a Texan (and he's not one), but there's nothing else about him that says redneck. A redneck can not be a politician. A redneck is a man who works for a living.

    I'm from Louisiana. You might consider me a redneck. But I'd be glad to put my intellect up against yours any time you're ready.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The litmus test for redneckness is working class and cash poor.

    Bush was raised upper class. That qualifies for an immediate rejection from the Redneck Nation.

    Sorry that it took so few words to debunk your little theory than it took you to try to support it. That's life, kid.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your definition of a redneck is so off kilter ...... It is impossible to answer such a skewed question. Mr. Bush is a law abiding, deeply religious, well educated man who upholds all the values we hold dear in this country.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bush is from a wealthy New England family, he's made great efforts to pretend otherwise.

    He learned the Texas accent late in life. He didn't always talk that way.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. A redneck is "a poor White person in the southern United States". He's clearly not a redneck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you really believe this; I feel sorry for you. Jeff Foxworthy joked abouth stereotyping people. You appear to be serious about stereotyping people.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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