Atheist: Is there any meaning to life? If not, what separates human beings from bugs and insects?

Why should we make laws? Why do we mourn for our loved ones in this "empty and meaningless" thing called life? Or is life nothing more than Sisyphus, pushing the useless boulder up the mountain, only to have it roll down again. What gives you the motivation to live another day? Is it hope that someone will discover the meaning and purpose of life? Should our own pleasure be our goal? If not, why take care of the needs and wants of others. What gives you the mindset to look forward, and hope for a better future? Please only serious atheist. (That's a lot of questions I know. So please answer at least one. Thanks)


Paul B: Should we seek to rid ourselves of these laws. If at all possible.... I mean, would we be free if these laws did not exist?

Update 2:

Eliot K: I bet you crack yourself up... Just kidding

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Hun-ahau..: So life has value. Show me how that statement is true.

Update 4:

Aurorada: Why should we do all those things? Or who says that is the way things are to be?

Update 5:

sixteenf: I don't insist on a meaning. But do you think that people are wasting their time if they do?

Update 6:

Rei: theist? Who me? I'm just asking...sorry.

Update 7:

darkvelv: so you find meaning. others say there is no point. what motivates you to find any...if you don't mind me asking.

Update 8:

Ok OK, humans have big brains... that isn't my point. but someone agrees that they follow a system of laws similar to humans.

Update 9:

Rei: Me afraid to die?

Update 10:

Zargon: Hey, I'm asking you.

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Thank you all

Update 12:

Giz: you may be wrong. insects cause plenty of death and disease...gez

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smurfy: Thanks for your answer

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    Why does there have to be a meaning? Just the fact that you're alive should be enough. Squirrels and bees don't hop/fly from tree to tree or flower to flower everyday wondering about the meaning of their existence. The only thing that separates us from insects is our larger brain/intelligence & the insane way that we've taken over the planet. Our intelligence is actually our biggest enemy most of the time.

    Anarchy would be fine with me. It's the way we were meant to be. Most people seem to forget that we're animals just like any other. It's been proven that other animals also mourn their loved ones, and display many other emotions as well, but they still don't worship some imaginary being in the sky, at least as far as we know. They care just as much about their clan/flock/etc. as we do about our families and friends. Some species even mate for life. Just try to tell me that that isn't love, not to mention a love much more pure than that of humans, who are prone to infidelity. It seems like you're implying that it doesn't make sense to have intense emotions, and life is meaningless if you don't believe in some sort of god(s)/goddess(es), and that is just ludicrous.

    What gives me hope for the future & a reason to carry on is everything and everyone around me. The thought of what might happen tomorrow...good or bad. The possibility of change, talking to an old friend, walking to/from work instead of driving, good music, the chance that I might meet the love of my life, having an influence on someone, learning something new, snowstorms & thunderstorms, flowers in spring, the ocean, mountains, lakes, a good cup of coffee or tea, vodka, an excellent meal, great sex, a really good book or movie, etc. etc. In my opinion, that's much more to live for than some myth about a supernatural man.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "...what separates human beings from bugs and insects?"

    A huge brain, higher thinking skills, and opposable thumbs, for starters. You're the only one around here trying to devalue human life, with a statement like that.

    Laws are to prevent people from infringing on other people's happiness and personal space. Mourning for loved ones is natural; we know that we'll never see them again, and that is an incredibly sad thought. I see no purpose to life, but simply because life is "empty and meaningless" doesn't take the beauty of it away. Life is an awesome experience. If a person wants to live life for pleasure, than that is their prerogative; there is no law that states we have to care for other people. However, most people love the people around them, and want the best for their friends and loved ones, as a condition of their own pleasure and happiness. I do look forward to a better future, knowing that we can only progress, and discover more fascinating and useful things.

    There is a fundamental difference between "meaning" and "value." Life doesn't have an inherent meaning, but it still has inherent value. Life is important simply because it's life.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you can't tell the difference between a person and a bug, you either have a very tiny dead person, or you're not very bright.

    But seriously:

    1) Laws are a way of a society agreeing what's best for it's members. Different places and different times have different laws.

    2) We mourn because of attachment loss. Emotional attachment makes societies stronger.

    3) We each need to find our own motivations.

    4) Pleasure is not a goal, it's a byproduct.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why does there have to be a meaning?

    What do you mean "why should we make laws? Why do we mourn our loved ones?" Because we need some sort of order to live safely and productively. Because we FEEL.

    Just because after we die there isn't any "afterlife" doesn't mean we can't enjoy the life we have now. Why are you so afraid to die?

    You theists confuse me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Life is what you make it. You should do what gives you pleasure. You should fill your life with love of family and friends. You should never stop learning. You should not waste time and brain matter on superstitions. Respect others. Be kind to animals. Do what you can to help people in need.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, there's no meaning to life, other than to live the best life you can (whatever that means to the individual).

    Humans are social animals - our "laws" allow us to live together in (relative) harmony.

    Other social animals, including insects, have "laws" for exactly the same reason.

    Social animals have, through evolution, acquired behaviours which are beneficial to maintenance of a social group. For example, many social insect species have castes, different forms which perform different jobs and exist within a heirarchy in the colony. They know their place - they understand that particular "law".

    EDIT: no, without law we get anarchy. Nobody's going to enjoy that.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not much separates us from insects, unless you count our big meaty brains.

    I don't need the "motivation" of an invisible sky fairy to get through my day. I find my own meaning in life. My meaning in life is to be me, to do something that separates me from everyone else.

    We need to make laws to keep us from killing, raping, and robbing each other.

  • 1 decade ago

    Nothing other than concesisnious separates us Life is pretty amazing I enjoy it but if I die no big deal its not like I will know I am dead.

    Why do you insist that there must be a meaning to life?

  • 1 decade ago

    Life is. The goal of life is to be. Why add some magical justification to it? We tend to over complicate such simple things and thus add to our own perceived suffering.

    Source(s): Hermetic pantheist
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    One makes their own meanings in life, there isn't a single set "meaning". How dull and monotonous mankind would become if we had all the same religion and uniformity of thought!

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