Cast for I love Money 2?

Does anybody know who's gonna be on the show?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Tailor Made (George Weisgerber)- I Love New York 2

    Heat (Jason Rosell)- I Love New York

    The Entertainer (Frank Maresca)- I Love New York 2

    Saaphyri Windsor- Flavor of Love 2

    Smiley (Leilene Ondrade)- Flavor of Love

    Buckwild (Becky Johnston)- Flavor of Love 2

    Angelique "Frenchie" Morgan- Rock of Love 2

    Buddha (Ezra Masters)- I Love New York 2

    Onix (William Lash)- I Love New York

    20 Pack (Nico Vasquez)- I Love New York 2

    It (Kwame Smalls)- I Love New York 2

    Prancer (Mercedes Clausen)- Flavor of Love 3

    Myammee (Angela Pitts)- Flavor of Love 3

    Ice (Amanda Dohner)- Flavor of Love 3

    Milf (Ahmo Hight)- Real Chance of Love

    Cali (Christina Ly)- Real Chance of Love

    Tamara Witmer- Rock of Love

    Bonez (Kevin Peters)- I Love New York

    T-Weed (Kevin Watson)- I Love New York

  • aquino
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    4 years ago

    i think of this solid is nowhere close to as solid because of the fact the 1st season's. as nicely, why would they convey decrease back warmth and the Entertainer in the event that they have been already on the prepare? that's in basic terms redundant. i comprehend VH1 LOVES recycling shows persistently and over, yet this is slightly plenty. i do no longer even keep in mind 0.5 of those human beings! Who the hell is T-Weed? i think of the only one i'm excited approximately is It because of the fact he became into SO humorous and relaxing on i like long island that i'd watch the prepare in basic terms to work out the stupidities he comes up with this time. additionally, TailorMade's whiny *** would be exceedingly humorous to observe too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good question, I love that show

    I'm sure Megans "look like I smelled a fart" face will be on there for sure


    EDIT- oops I meant that I loved the first one, I love Money

  • 1 decade ago

    This is off topic, but I had to laugh at the comment about Megan. It's true! My friend met her, and I need to upload the picture. Her boobs look like a 90 year olds!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Love it love it love it. So senseless on TV it makes sense!~ haha can't wait :)

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