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I was jw, does anyone know a nickname that I could use for the name, Angela? I just would like to change it up alittle sooo please answer this question!

10 points 4 best answer!



Don't say Angie, cause I have used that a few times and i really don't like it!

Update 2:

I really like Annie, Ann, and Ella. Which one do u like the most?

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    How about Angel, it is cute and would be awesome to hear a guy call you that!!. Angiepoo, lol.! Alegna= Angela backwards. Gena, A-laa. I do not know any other, but do not do Angie it is really overdone. You could always make up something totally different that has nothing to do with your real name, or add your middle name into the mix a bit. Good luck finding something cute!

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    Angela Jolie

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    I always thought that Angel would be a pretty way to shorten anything like that, my name got turned into Angie at a young name (Angelina is my real name) so I understand the need to stand out :)

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    Jelly Bean!

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    ang. as in an-juh.

    angie. as in an-gee.

    gel. as in jel.

    ella ella ella ella aye aye. as in el-ah el-ah el-ah el-ah ay ay.

    it's not that your stupid. it just because i'm bored, that's why i sounded them out.

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