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Standard temperature and pressure?

The normal respiratory rate for human being is 15.0 breaths per minute. the average volume of air for each breath is 505 cm^3 at 20.0C and 9.95 x 10^4 Pa. what volume of air at STP that an individual breaths in one day? give answer in cubic meters. 1.00 atm = 101.325k Pa.

need help on the steps don't get it... thank you.


T = 0C

P = 1.00 atm

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    You will need to answer three parts.

    1) How many breaths does a person breath in a 24 hour period, if they breath 15 breaths per minute?

    2) Then you can convert this to volume by multiplying it by 505 cm^3.

    3) Then you will need to convert that volume to STP by using the ratio of (P1 * V1)/T1 = (P2 * V2)/T2 Plug in ALL variables using the values for STP as P2 and T2. (remember to convert 99.5k Pa to atm)

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