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neighbours spoilers? what's happening in austrailian time...?

Neighbours in england is 6months behind, and Nicola has just tryed to poison Steve, and ty and rach have got togther, what's happening in the Austrailian time one?

(sorry if i don't make sence lol)

Doesn't harold die of cancer in the Austrailian one and Dee comes back?

thanks fr any answerrs :) xxxxxxx


OMG NO WAY!! wow lmao

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    whats happening now and spoilers for 2009

    that dee comes back rumour has been going on for years.

    harold is having chemo, I don't know if it's the cancer that kills him, but his leaving is meant to be heartbreaking, that can only mean he dies. but according to spoilers he leaves to be with sky.

    - there was a rafting accident just before the Christmas break, after it zeke, bridget (who on earth lets a pregnant girl go rafting) and libby are missing, In the first episode of the new year (19th January) Libby and Bridget are both found alive but Zeke isnt found and when the rescue team find some of his clothing they believe that he must have died. But a month later he is found alive. (the actor is away doing something else).

    - karl will have some sort of a mental breakdown, mainly due to his obsession that zeke's body was never found.

    - Susan's MS returns, also because of zeke's disappearance

    - when rachel leaves erinsborough/neighbours (to take an offer to good to refuse - her and ty have to go their seperate ways - as she goes off on her own to pursue a pop career) Karl and Susan are going to take in a foreign exchange student - a girl named Sunny Lee

    - - steph scully gets involved with a married man..worse still Max decides he wants custody of Charlie.

    - steph and libby will have a massive fight that could rip their friendship apart for good

    - After many hurdles, Libby and Dan will get married but their happiness will be short lived when tragedy strikes

    - Lucas and Elle and donna and ringo break up unsure if they get back together.

    - Paul works really, really hard to break up Principal Simpson and Rebecca.

    - Donna’s mum, Cassandra, arrives in Ramsay Street setting her eyes on Paul and his millions

    - later in the year Zeke has a new love interest - you will never see this one coming! (wonder who that could be)

    - Kelly Katsis will depart early in the year, leaving Toadie and Callum devastated

    - Guy Sykes is set to return to Ramsay Street with grave news for Rachel and Zeke concerning Katya

    - Another old female character is returning

    - Bridget and Declan will not lose the baby but will have a difficult time with parenthood

    you won't need to watch neighbours anymore lol

    for more go to

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    OMG! Thank you so much for posting this question and getting all the spoilers. I thought Dee died - it would be so great if she came back

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    Thank you raver82

    (-:Smiling Star-:)

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