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Will I be able to join the USAF SF? with a expunged Juvenile record In Illinois?

I've been arrested for aggravated robbery and attempted robbery I Know its a Felony. I'm a Juvenile (16) when I am 17/18 I will get this expunged/sealed will this show up in a secret security clearance? and will I be able to join the USAF Security Forces, or Law enforcement?? I also live in Illinois


How Can I apply for a Waiver?

Update 2:

If I cant do the SF can I at least join the Air Force..

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    No, you won't be able to get any security clearance. Even though it's expunged the government can still see it. I wanted to do security Forces too but they wouldn't let me because of juvenile law violations that were expunged.

    You'll most definitely need a waiver too.

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    Getting it expunged means that it doesn't show up on your civilian record for regular jobs, and your DMV record. However, nothing is actually completely gone. When the military looks into your record, it will show up, no matter how much time has gone by, no matter if it was expunged or not.

    You need to tell them about it, because it will show up. If you tell them about it before it is better because you are honest. If you don't tell them, IT WILL SHOW UP, and they are going to look at you as being dishonest, and you will have no chance to get in.

    I'm not sure if the air force will take you for what you did, but probably the army or national guard.

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    Yes it will show up, we do an FBI background check, it doesn't matter if it has been expunged or not. You would also require a waiver to even be eligible to get in, although with those charges its probably not going to get approved.

    Source(s): I'm an Air Force Recruiter
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    when you apply for your security clearance you need to tell them about it ahead of time. and tell them you got it expunged as a juvenile. Why because they are checking for trustworthyness. If the instructions for the security clearance investigation say include sealed records you need to do it.

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    They will look at it like any normal conviction be it expunged or not. Same goes for Juvenile and adult offenses.

    Airforce will most likely not take you.

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