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Why do dogs like licking?

bones? why do they like lickinng them?>

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    Q Why do dogs lick?

    A Licking is a very natural behavior for dogs, one that begins in puppyhood. Puppies will lick their littermates right from the start and for several reasons. One of the main purposes is to groom one another, though licking also serves as a social function that strengthens the bond between littermates. In the wild, puppies will also lick their mother’s mouth to stimulate her to regurgitate, then they eat this regurgitated food as they are weaned from their mother. The mother, in turn, will lick her puppies to keep them clean and to stimulate urination and defecation.

    Some dogs continue to lick into adulthood. An adult dog may lick the face of another, more dominant dog as a sign of respect or deference. Thus licking can be a sign of submission, but remember it can also be a sign of affection and friendliness as it would be with its littermates. When your dog licks you, he may be displaying his respect and deference to you as the dominant one in his pack, he may be communicating submission and pacification, or he may simply be showing his affection. Compulsive lickers are sometimes unintentionally taught this compulsion. They may learn that licking tends to get them whatever they want, particularly your attention, and even if it’s negative. Other times, licking simply develops into a habit. Generally speaking, licking isn’t something to be concerned about.

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    They are getting the marrow out of the bone its like licking the salt off a pretzel.

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    they dont have hands to hold them to eat

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