St. Louis Rams return NFL to Los Angeles?

If Los Angeles Stadium is constructed in City of Industry, I think that their are only one viable tenant option: St. Louis Rams.

Think about it - the Rams are for sale; they have a history in Los Angeles; finally, their relocation to LA would not have any negative repercussions for the League divisions - they could remain in the NFC West. Any feedback?

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  • GaryE
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    1 decade ago
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    The Rams lease is not up until 2012. So that would be the earliest they could move. According to the article I sourced below the Rams are considering moving to LA. However, please bear in mind that is a common ploy used by NFL owners when they are trying to get a new stadium and or get their current stadium re-vamped. All NFL owners want new stadiums with tons of skyboxes and club level seats. And by current standards the Rams stadium (Edward Jones Dome) is lacking.

    Might they move . . . of course but it also might just be a ploy.

  • 4 years ago

    i do no longer see it happening every time quickly... i've got been hoping we would get a collection returned however the nfl thinks it somewhat is doing superb and not using a collection in l. a. and the city has been attempting to artwork with the NFL yet no longer something has been happening... we've an excellent sort of places to extra healthful a stadium... I stay down the line from the Anaheim section the place the Angels and geese play and that they've been speaking of establishing a third stadium right in that section for a soccer group... specific the site visitors would be worse than spiders wrapped in nightmares yet a minimum of soccer would be back.. prolly wont ensue every time quickly

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