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If you were stuck on a desert Island what would you take?

1. Book

2. Electronic Item

3. Food Product

4. Sleeping/escaping device

5. Person

6. Personal Item

7. One luxury (Ie - pillow, soap, wine etc!)

The more unusual or meaningful the better.


I meant one of each!!! So one book, one person etc! thanks

Update 2:

6. Personal Item (ie - photo album, cuddle toy etc) sorry:)

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    1. Book--Eleven Seconds( its about a paralyzed hockey player. very inspirational)

    2. Electronic Item--my brothers RC helicopter. that thing is awesome!

    3. Food Product--potato chips. its an island so im hoping there would be some bananas or some kind of fruit on it , lol

    4. Sleeping/escaping device--blanket

    5. Person--my brother. we always have fun together.

    6. Personal Item--my stuffed penguin that my grandma gave me as a baby

    7. One luxury (Ie - pillow, soap, wine etc!)--soap. gotta be clean!

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    Electronic Item

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    1. Book- Twilight, it would last me for two months, and I would enjoy it LOADS!

    2. Electronic Item- good quality laptop with strong internet connection! so that I could go on here!

    3. Food Product- knife, so I could cut wood and kill my food!

    4. Sleeping and escaping device- sleeping bag, keep me warm at night, and canoe a sturdy, seaworthy boat.

    5. Person- Ray Mears! He could teach me all the best tips on how to survive!

    6. Personal Item- laptop charger so I could charge my laptop

    7. One luxury- solar panel- the electricity to charge my laptop!

    Hope you like my answers...;)

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  • 3 years ago

    i'm pisces. I wuld wanna be whit a maximum cancers in a warm island. Having a romantic kiss and a bottle of chapagne interior the coastline in undemanding terms some secods earlier the sunlight shows up. ahhh how romatic....

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    1- I would have no time to read

    2- laptop (which had a GPS and cell phone in it)

    3- pizza

    4- does a private jet count?

    5- a person who knows how to fly the jet

    6- why would you need to know?

    7- flat screen tv

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    2 cell phone


    4 escaping devise

  • 1 decade ago

    A boat

  • 1 decade ago

    how about none of those for a boat instead? lol

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