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Does the Jacksonville, FL, Airport have an x-ray metal detector?

I am trying to sneak my pet hamster onto a plane. i was going to do so by putting him in my pocket and going through the metal detector. I was told that now the metal detector is actually an X-ray. If thats true they could see my hamster, and i'd be busted.

Does anyone know if this is true??


I called the airline and they said no animals except cats and dogs. Believe me, i tried that first.

He needs to come with me because he is sick and i need to give him his meds. if worst comes to worst he will with my boyfriend and be driven the 19 hours to new york.

I would keep him on me at all times, he wouldn't go through the xray for bags. I was asking around the new body scanners.

trust me when i have my animals safety in mind. It was just a question.

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    you know, you can legally bring your hamster on the plane- you don't have to sneak him!

    caged animals can be brought onboard as long as they are under 20 lbs (people bring their cats and dogs on all the time). you will have to notify your airline and pay a small fee. the people will ensure that he's in a proper cage and ensure he gets to your destination safely.

    plus, don't forget not only do you have to get him thru the JAX security... you gotta take him thru the one going home too!

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes, there is no such thing as a commercial airport without a metal detector. Don't do it, the x ray will kill your pet hamster in a slow, painful death, which is animal cruelty, you will be charged for doing that. Just leave the hamster at home and get someone to watch it. This is absolutely true.

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  • Keagan
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    1 decade ago

    Some are x-rays, but most are metal detectors, that is why TSA only stops you if they hear the beep. Put the hamster in your pocket, and wear baggy clothes so it won't be visible.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they now also have body scanning machines which would show a image of yourself including anything you are hiding

    and how would you hid him

    you have to empty all your pockets on the converator belt as well'

    as your carry-ons and jacket or sweater you are carrying

    your ":friend; will show up on the x-ray

    then you might be missing your flight

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You WILL be busted. Yes, they do, and you can be arrested for trying. I am positive.

    Don't do it...

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