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How do I pronounce; 'Ik houd van u'?

Like a website link or phonetic spelling?

I'm english (UK)

If you're wondering it means I love you in Dutch

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    a good website is

    the use of u is normally used when you are talking to an elder/person in authority.It is used in respect and is very formal. You would use 'jou for a girl/boyfriend.

    the informal phrase is ik hou van jou (houd is -hij houd /zij houd (he loves /she loves)

    pronounced ik how fan yow

    you can also say ik hou ook van jou in response to having this said to you. (i love you too.ook means also and is pronounced óak')

    veel sucess!(good luck)

    Source(s): live in holland/engaged to a dutchie
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    She sings "Ik hou van jou" in this video if you wanted to hear it. First thing she says:

    And loeki is right. "Ik houd van u" is polite and according to my fiance (who's dutch), rarely used.

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    eek jaud ban iu

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