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Okay so I am currently applying for a positon as a receptionist. I am 21yrs old & have only had one job other than the fast food place that I am working at now.......I have a journalism degree & I am a great writer. However, I have never created a resume' before..... here is the rough draft of what I am currently creating. Please help me with it and give me your imput.




My name is Ashley Lee and I feel strongly that I will be a wonderful candidate for your company.

I am highly qualified for this job position. I have studied the fundementals of writing and the communicational arts which has have earned me a Journalism degree.

I have gained plentiful technical experience working with computers; researching as well as typing. I am also a very detailed-oriented person who has plenty of experience working and collaborating with others in groups as well as individually. I also have strong leadership skills but always ready & willing to learn new things.

I believe that with the skills that I have acquired, I will be a very positive asset to your company; all I am asking for is a chance.

My skills include: Writing


Communcation Skills

Teamwork Skills

Strong Verbal Skills

Research Skills

Selling Skills

Leadership Skills

Learning & Listening Skills

Job History: -Country Meadows Assisted Living

-Most of my time has been spent as a student studying the skills that I am certain will be extremley beneficial to your company.

Thank you for taking the time out to review my resume.

It is greatly appreciated.


Ashley lee

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    Ok Ashley Lee, now you know that you need a resume. But you'll also need a cover letter. Since the person hiring will be looking at MANY resumes, your cover letter must be strong or the resume won't get a look.

    Now my question is.........WHY are you willing to accept a job as a receptionist with a college degree? Do NOT demean yourself, you've worked hard to achieve a college degree, why seek a job traditionally taken by those with simply a HS diploma or even a GED?

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    This is a cover letter, not a resume. Use Microsoft Word Tutorial. Go to the resume section. There are some resume templates that will guide you through the proper approach to a resume. If you were applying for an office position and did not know how to prepare a resume properly, you probably wouldn't get the job.

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    yes, this is a cover letter.

    searching for 'free resume builder' online will enable you to just fill out a few boxes here and there and it builds you one. or, the microsoft word thing someone else mentioned.

    also, search for 'sample receptionist resume', itll show you what its supposed to look like.

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