Can you write a funny story about TIME TRAVEL that includes at least 5 of these lines, just 4 the fun of it?

1. If you had read the works of Kurt Gödel you would know that the REAL question is:_____________________________________...

2. The Plesiosaur gave me the "evil eye"....and then continued eating the steamed sticky rice in banana leaves .

3. None of the members of the monastery had ever heard of _______.

4. As the sledge hammer flew past my head, I was reminded of that wonderful song of yesteryear, "________________."

5. Carl Sagan would have soooooooo dug this!

6. Lo B'Yom V'Lo B'Layla, wrapped in jungle vines, stared at us with kaleidoscope eyes.

7. Adam demanded to know where his rib had gone.

8. Well......I WARNED you.

9. He was once an "extra" in an episode of "Zane Grey Theater."

10. Katie Couric will rip you to shreds!!


►I am waaaaaay past school age......This is not homework,merely an avenue for you to express your creativity,friends.◄

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  • frodo
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    The Curious Case of Sylvester Snap

    Ever since Sylvester Snap did a porch pickup of a red Schwin tricycle from freecycle, and learned that time may be recycled by cycling seven times around a table, and he was hooked.

    The very first time Sylvester, disappeared he wound up celebrating mass with the Brothers of the Bag. Rejecting all forms of costly raiment, these pious folk wore black, plastic trash bags for vestments. Their altar, a cardboard box. Their daily bread came from pickings found in dumpsters behind restaurants. None of the members of the monastery had ever heard of (3) recycled time, in spite of all the recycling they did themselves. Sylvester rode around the altar seven times.

    Looking up he found himself on a movie lot where Guy Madison was filming, “Jericho” - the last episode of a TV series Dick Powell hosted. As he watched, the story unfolded of a woman sentenced to hang for the murder of her husband is sent a second chance by a Government Agent. “A recycled life!” Sylvester thought to himself, as he approached Conlan Carter (He was once an "extra" in an episode of "Zane Grey Theater."(9) and five episodes of Gunsmoke ) who was seated off stage. “I’m looking for some answers” he said. Receiving no reply, Sylvester cycled on around the script table.

    When the spinning stopped, what he heard was a nude man who seemed to be arguing with no one in particular. Sylvester was surrounded by a lush garden in the center of which were two trees. It seemed to him that this was the beginning of time. A voice from nowhere was saying, or rather thinking, out loud, “I gave it to the was going to build something with it....I know I was planning to recycle it somehow.” Adam demanded to know where his rib had gone (7). Sylvester, not wanting to interfere in the creative process, rode his tricycle around the garden a number of times. Seven to be exact. And found himself moving in time once more. He made a mental note, “The garden of Eden must have been in France, for the tableau I rode around sufficed as a table.”

    He looked up...and up...and up some more. “The Plesiosaur gave me the "evil eye"....and then continued eating the steamed sticky rice in banana leaves .” (2) Sylvester recorded in his journal. “All this time, I have been moving backward in time. Each time I have had encountered recycling of some sort. Could this be a clue to my winding up in the Mesozoic age where all about me will be cycled into oil?”

    As Sylvester rode off in search of a table top mesa to ride around he heard a voice from nowhere saying, “ If you had read the works of Kurt Gödel you would know that the REAL question is:How does one solve the unsolvable?” (1)

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  • wein
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    4 years ago

    Sheila awakened slowly, feeling the gritty sand that she replace into mendacity on. She groggily raised her head and the 1st concern to greet her eyes replace into her effective, alluring new sailboat, broken in 2 on the rocks in basic terms fifty yards offshore. A voice broke into her fuzzy concepts, "Are ya a sailor? properly, ARE YA? Her head snapped to the left and her concepts tried to sign in the ragged, furry creature sitting there. "hi!" it stated. "i'm Harry, yet no pun meant. you already know? Like H-a-r-r-y?". Sheila shook her head, questioning, "This reminds my of my Village human beings nightmare!" returned she opened her eyes, however the furry apparition replace into nonetheless there. The whiskers parted returned as extra words emerged, "hi! Do you communicate?" nonetheless, she could desire to no longer say something. A hand lifted, the arm clad in a ragged sleeve that replace into extra or much less related to bits of fabric that could have been a blouse at one time. palms stroked the beard and twisted tendrils of moustache hair. "Ya understand, lady, what we've been given right that's a failure to communicate. i'm a real guy or woman, ya understand!" Sheila began guffawing. She raised her eyes to the sky and abruptly sang out loud, "Yo, ho ho, and a bottle of . . . OOO! Oooh, Mountain Dewwwww! i'm interior the path of a nightmareeeee some castaway. I knew I wouldn't have ate that crammed crab with egg sauce!" Harry drew himself up in an aloof and dignified pose. "properly, lady, I woulda fastened myself up if i could universal i replace into gonna have business enterprise!" He appeared around superciliously and snapped, "everyone seen my attractiveness case?" He grew to become his interest returned to Sheila and asked, "Harry, previous boy, have you ever seen something soooo gentle?" Sheila scrunched backward, croaking out "shop faraway from me, you furry Harry!" He fell on his knees in the past her and raised his palms in supplication. "Ma'am, i'm asking you to marry me, you little trollop!" Sheila gaped at him, gave a hysterical bark of laughter, then collapsed in a lifeless faint. for that reason ended her first few moments as a castaway on the distant seashores of Santa Catalina Island.

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