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how can i install a steel bath without any feet / frame?

Hi, I bought myself an ex-display steel bath from MFI at a bargain price when it was closing down. Only problem I have is that the bath did not have any form of frame or feet to install it.

Anybody got any suggestions as to what I can sit it on and how to get it level and stable? There is nothing on the bath for anything to fix to underneath and I have scoured the internet looking for frames but to no avail.


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    You have to put a 2 by 4 on the back wall.first level the tub and measure to the bottom of the back side and place the 2 by 4 so that the top is at that height

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    Build a base where the tub will sit, lay down a thick mil of visqueen, fill with sand and then drop in tub. The sand will do several things, deaden the sound, and stay in place.

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    build one out of treated lumber

    make a rectangle to fit it,

    use a 4 ft level to level it

    put sand under it in the box

    if its really steel [ and not cast iron] have some legs welded to it,

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