A hair removal cream(veet) burned my skin! help!?

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i used a hair removal cream under my arms which has made my skin very dark!after this happened i discontinued it. i taught it would become alright but its been more than a year and it ...show more
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hair removal isn't good for your skin
that's why there's bunch of 20 year olds that are half bald
you should use the smooth away stuff
the crystal pads which removes hair


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  • kitty c(@) answered 5 years ago
    use the one that is for sensitive skin
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  • Gin uchiha answered 5 years ago
    You sound lik n indian try an ayurvedic doctor
    maybe u can visit if not in india
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  • . answered 5 years ago
    I would probebly go to the doctors if i were you. He could tell you why your skin has reacted this way, and could probebly find a suitable cream for your skin. Are you sure you followed the instructions right?? Try using sudocrem. When ever my skin has been sore or damaged it never fails to help a bit :) x
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  • Jessica answered 5 years ago
    you probabbly used a hair removal cream[veet] that was too strong for your skin, and ripped away @ your skin.

    try putting normal non irration cream under ur arms, and see what happens
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