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Mitch asked in SportsCricket · 1 decade ago

Australia 182 beat South Africa 130?

Australia beat SA by a convincing 52 runs (i'm well aware most of you know that!!!)

just a few questions.

1) Do you think Australia will keep the same team for the next T20 at the Gabba? (will players be rested again or will we use a full strength team?)

2) David Warner was not picked in the ODI squad...after blasting 89 of 43 don't you think he should walk in to the ODI team??

3) Do you think Gili and Warnie have a full time career in commentating?

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  • Richie
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    1 decade ago
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    1, I think the team will be unchanged, the boys off probably need more time to recuperate. I would not be surprised to see Ricky take a break in the next T20 and Clarke captaining.

    2.Warner looked great, very interested to see how he goes when he plays on Tuesday. Not too late to include him in the ODI squad according to the commentary. I would love to see someone with this kind of youth and power being a full time member of the ODI group. We need some fresh, positive new meat in the team. I know it is only T20 but the best debut I have seen in a long time.

    3. Warnie is slowly warming up to the commentary gig, sometimes during the tests you forgot he was even there. His links to the current playing cricket community are still there so he brings a great perspective, hope to hear more from him in the future. (It must be embarssing to have a huge picture of yourself on the sight screen when you are up in the box. But I don't think it would bother Warnie much)

    Gily was born to be a commentator, I remember his first few T20 games with the headset on while keeping, hilarious)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) They should! Changing this team, which played so well today would be a silly thing to do. I dont think any player needs to be rested after only one game, and playing a full strength team is always good in T20s.

    2) He played really well. His striking of the ball was just amazing. Lets see how he performs in the next T20 first, and if he plays well in that match too, then I dont see any reason why he shouldnt be picked for the ODIs too!

    3) They are doing a pretty good job, arent they? They seem to succeed in everything they do, and their commentating was really really good too. I guess they can keep on commentating as they are doing a job in it, unless they want to do something else.

  • Dougie
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    1 decade ago

    1) Probably, but the T20s are good in the way they give teams the opportunity to have a look at good young talent. David Warner for example. They might try another couple of young blokes who are on the fringe of making the bigger teams. This said, the team probably wont change much.

    2) i dont think David Warner will walk into the 1 day team, but his innings tonight has helped show the selectors that he can perform at the elite level in front of the worlds audience.

    3) Gill and Warne are alright, but they dont sound like commentators. They arent as clear with their delivery as some of the others. Perhaps in a couple of years if they have had time to polish their games they could have a full time career. Warne will probably end up coaching though.

  • Ohh Binga, hope you are all better now!!

    I think the T20 matches are a good way of having a look at how a few of the "next in lines" will perform on the big stage.

    I think it is hard to judge a persons abilities on one good game. Warner was obviously awesome last night but maybe he needs to prove himself a bit more (like actually playing for his state and doing well) before he becomes a walk up start. I heard one of the commentators last night liken him to Gilly which I think is a bit much at this stage!!

    Gilly & Warnie commentating? I liked Gilly. He has a nice smooth voice to listen to but listening to the Aussie twang of Shane Warne is not something I would want to be doing for the duration of a 5 day test. Yes they are a bit biased towards the Aussies, but they would make a nice balance for that dill Tony Greig who hates the us.

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  • Ange!!
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah it was really exciting when we were batting,but it sort of started to dwindle during S.A's batting,don't know if it's only me who felt that way but Warner,gee what a performance..

    1)I think they'd be stupid to change the team for tomorrow nights match at the Gabba..

    2)See how his performance is tomorrow,if he does the same then yes..He was pretty swift in the field too..

    3)I LOVED hearing Gilly behind the mic,Warnie bores me TBH..But gilly and Heals sound grouse together..I never knew Gilly had a lisp until last night,after all these years i only worked that out last

  • 1 decade ago

    1) This team should be retained for all money. They did real good today. They did lose wickets too quickly in the end but that's prolly in search of quock runs. Overall, very energetic looking outfit that showed a lot of promise today.

    2) Well nobody knew he had that much potential before today's match. He has never even played a first class match. No wonder he wasnt included. But he should def be there in future One dayers. Hope he can keep blasting away in the meantime.

    3) Gilly def is all set for commentary. All he needs is his beer and he is good to go. His commentary looks real good. I think what helped them tonight was that they were able to chat away with a few players and pass time. Warne...not too sure mate. Both are good for ODIs and T20s but they might not be able to keep the entertainment going in Tests.

  • Angelo
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    1 decade ago

    1. Australia should keep the same team for the next T20.

    2. David Warner has a good chance to play for the ODI team.

    3. Gili and Warnie, were Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. no they will not because people like nathan hauritz and ryan harris will feel ripped off if they travel along and dont get a game. other than that pretty much the same

    2. yes he should be in the odi side. but the squad can only have so many. but odi world cup long way ahead so he has years to get into the odi team

    3. yes they will after they finish of their stints in the ipl

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well here's someone who didn't know Mitch! I was ill most of yesterday & went to bed early, so I missed the last half of the match.I will see the second one hopefully. Onya Aussies! I should think they'll stick to the same team, & it's a shame about Warner, but that's cricket.

  • ph
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    1 decade ago

    1/ No reason to change the side, well balanced, will score runs with loads of bowling options.

    2/I think he needs to have a few more knocks first, it was a great innings but has to show some consistency .

    3/ They were blinding, it was relaxed but informed and the chat with the players whilst the game was going on was good as the players related to them.

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