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the war in Gaza, how is it possible that?

in today's age, no one is helping the civilians. the israeli soldiers are killing them, and the whole word knows it, with the US on top, of course. plus, egypt won't let them escape from terror, people have NO place to go to and seek protection. there is no way they can even attampt to escape, and we all know it. how can this be? thanx!


For the less sensitive, what if it were you and me?

Update 2:

Right, I bet the little kids did it :)

Update 3:

Well, the US had Bush, so...:) you should know all about it, hm :)

Update 4:

The US supports Israel 110%, and is supposed to care about human rights from what I know :)

Update 5:

Israel has killed humanitarian aid workers, and hit the Norwegian aid vehicle...

Update 6:

People, if you watch the news, watch/read everything :)

Update 7:

Next thing I'll hear; you're all Christians, right :)

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    Its terrible, watching the horrific news and just thinking and reflecting. i always cry when i watch the news. it also annoys me that death has become so normal for them as loads of people are dieing from all ages and religions.also all the victims are unnamed, where as if it was in Britain .." 'so and so' has been murdered!!!!!" it would be on all the headlines. Children and women are all innocent but israel are willing to put the innocent in harm to get what they want. the war and occupation on the poor palestinians has been conflicted on them for over 60 years, before hamas was elected so its not hamas they are aiming for...


    also it has been pr oven now that israel broke the ceasefire first. Israeli solders went into the gaza strip killing 6 people, also the borders were NOT open which meant they didn't go to the deals of ceasefire. people died from either hunger or no medication. this is still called murder too.

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    Guilt by association. The Germans weren't duped into letting Hitler get into power. The Japanese fully supported the war effort and killed millions in China. The Palestinians VOTED for a terror organization, knowing that the idiots they elected into power would sign their death warrants.

    Escape from terror? They VOTED IN terror. Israel needs to cut the head off of Hamas, and all the other terror organizations that are raping the Palestinian people. Enforce martial law, and STAY there until they get a new infrastructure AND government is in place.

    The problem is not Israel, it is Hamas.

    Pesident bush was the best president we ever had. He stood up for the country when no one else would, and didnt bend to 'public opinion' polls. Now, 52 MILLION people have a shot at FREEDOM, and dont have to worry about having their head chopped off or tortured for disagreeing with the government.

    Remember the shoe throwing incident? What would happen if that was a dignitary that Saddam had as a guest? One word: D E A D, probably along with his whole family.

    Since 9-11, we have found who our real friends are, and it aint Europe, after bailing them out of TWO world wars that could be cited as 'unjust' (millions of Americans DID think they were unjust, let europe fight their own wars).

    Screw our world 'image'. You will see in the future what was really going on, and the world will thank President Bush once things are de-classified.

    So just keep on living in ignorance.

    One more little note for America haters: not more than 10 years after the worst enemy attack on American soil, America elected a BLACK MAN, named BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA.

    So much for being anti-muslim. I think the rest of the world suffers from massive inferiority complex syndrome. The American system is not the best, but STILL better than anywhere else. I have spent 9 years in Europe, 5 years in Australia, and 6 months in Saudi Arabia. Guess what? USA ALL THE WAY.

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    No. The world is already accepting the ethnic cleansing of Gaza,so how could it find a better reason to become more involved and open up a route leading to a third world war.Soon the Israel's will have killed all those (women and children included) they perceive to be a threat and all will return to how it was before, rockets fired into Israel for a year or two then another bout of ethnic cleansing.

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    If they would quit letting themselves to be used as human shields they would be much safer. The Hamas are the ones who will not agree to a complete ceasefire. Israel is just plain sick of it's citizens having rockets launched at them. And has stated "Enough is enough." Why do people keep saying that since the Israelis have killed many more people than the Hamas have. That the Israelis are in the wrong. I believe that one innocent life being destroyed is just as bad as a hundred or a thousand.

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    Are you kidding me? Nobody is helping the civilians? What do you think Israel is doing there?

    Israel is helping free Southern Israel from terrorism AND they are helping the citizens of Gaza to become free of those terrorists.

    Fatah members in Gaza were BEGGING people to liberate them. Average civilian fears Hamas they can't even play music at weddings without being murdered, have children play soccer without Hamas breaking it up by gunfire, they are using them as human shields and indoctrinating the children to suicide bomb.

    Besides war, Israel offered the Gazans a HOME and look what they did with it. They got there and dismantled greenhouses Israel left for them to grow food and then buy arms with the money that could have been better spent building their metropolis, their Paris of the Middle East. They wore out their welcome and blew their opportunity just like the Palestinians did every other country they went to. So many of them were kicked out of Jordan because of typical Palestinian radical antics they tried to assassinate King Hussein and used a Jordanian soldier's head as soccer practice. Jordan doesn't want them.

    We all saw the lovely war they had with the Lebanese and that was after the most radical of the bunch was already kicked out of Lebanon.

    Arab countries keep refugees in camps and don't even absorb them into their countries even though there never was such a thing as a Palestine people they are really Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Egyptians. Palestine region was split between Jordan and Israel, remember? And Israel already absorbed indigenous Arabs (Palestinians) as 20 percent of Israel's demographics is Arab. But Israel offers them Gaza and Hamas ghettos up the place.

    So Israel drops leaflets warning civilians to stay away from Hamas and the weapons stockpiles while they bomb them and then treats the casualties at Israeli hospitals, provides water, food, utilities the whole time being under rocket fire themselves and you're worried about Palestinian civilians. Israel has it covered on both the Palestinian civilians AND the Israeli civilians. They are all being liberated. Give Israel a break.

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    Everything that you hear and see as going around in the world is drip fed to you by the media.

    Whoever controls the media will control the way you think and react.

    Up to now most people did`nt even realise how bad the situation was

    With the Internet, a lot more people are now better informed therefore are reacting to what is happening.

    The concept in the movie "The Matrix" really comes to life

    People are beginning to wake up.

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    Yeah, the situation is horrible. What I can't understand is why would the people in Gaza elect an aggressive organization like Hamas to lead them? They should have known better.

    Edit: No, the kids didn't. Their parents did.

    Edit: Actually, I just live in the United States, I wasn't born here and do not have the right to vote. I also don't support Bush.

    Edit: Yes, the US does care about human rights, they are the #1 in the world when it comes to humanitarian aid. But what are they supposed to do in this situation? Drop troops into Gaza and fight both Israel and Hamas and drive them all back? The US government are not magicians that can magically make any problem disappear.

    Edit: Thumbs up to Lupines and Repairman. Great answers!

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    Israeli's are not killing the Gaza civilians, Hamas is by using them for human shields and storing their weapons and ammunition where the civilians are. Hamas started this nonsense. Hezbollah is helping them out from the other end.

    Why do you consider the U.S. on top of it? You'd be the first to complain if the U.S. went in on Israel's side to get it over earlier. Would you complain if the U.S. went in on Hamas side to bomb Israel to make it stop?

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    Everything that is happening now in Gaza is the fault of Hamas. They are gambling the lives of the innocent people around them. They know very well that if they fire rockets inside Israel, there will be retaliation. They have been firing rockets inside Israel for years and it's only now that they got an answer.They (Hamas) do not realize the repercusions of their actions. I'm not a military but in my opinion, Israel will reoccupy Gaza and iliminate Hamas which is a terrorist organization, after all Hamas main purposem is the complete distruction of Israel.

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    is supposed to care about human rights from what I know :)

    er, Guantanamo Bay?

    They are behind it. The neo-conservatives in the US are too powerful.

    The best thing you said is "what if it were you and me"

    If it were my daughter I would strap myself up and make sure I blew something up worth blowing up.

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