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Anna asked in 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 decade ago

可以幫我中文翻英文嗎? 感謝!

淋了 裂雨

一切裂開了 求不回原初的友愛

是一股沉默力量 壓抑著我們

誰都不願 給誰任何一步路 走

抱著懷疑 去對著我們每個人

多麼好的情感 還是敗服於過去

每一次的溫柔 感覺似乎在身上刺了一刀

回憶裡 病毒纏身 忘不了 卻 記不了

每一次的回想 感慨似乎在心上開了一槍

慢走在 唱著催人入夢 歌 的 夜街

天空是一片極靜 藍憂暗

突然的 極靜 轉換成 極傷 下起了雨來

這是一場裂雨的 晚上 綻放藍燈的街上

裂雨 淋了世界 讓全世界都裂開了起來

裂雨 淋了我 讓我的所有 歸裂在零的等號


因為我愛的全部 在這裂雨 淋的瞬間







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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have drenched Split rain

    Everything has split open Ask and does not go back the original friendliness at the beginning

    It is a whiff of silence strength Inhibiting us

    Everyone is unwilling Give someone any step way Leave

    Hold and suspect It is facing toward us to go

    What good emotion it is Frustrate the clothes in the past

    Each tenderness Feel that seems to sting a knife on the body

    While remembering The virus is burdened with Can't forget But can not write

    The each one is recalled It seems to shot one times in the heart to sigh with deep feeling

    It is here to walk slowly Singing urges people to fall asleep Street at night of the song

    The sky is that one slice is extremely quiet Blue anxiety is dark

    Unexpected Extremely quiet Change Extremely wounded It rains

    This it is one that split rain Evening Burst forth in the street of the blue light

    Split rain Have drenched the world Let the whole world split open

    Split rain Have drenched me Let all of me Return and split in the equal sign of zero

    The clothes is in this rain that I kneel

    Because all that I love Split rain in here Twinkling of an eye that drench

    Have split open

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  • 1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    Poured crack rain

    All spilted open to beg the friendly affection don't returning an original beginning

    Is a silent strength to suppress us

    Who all don't wish to who any road walk

    Embrace to doubt to toward our everyone

    The how good emotion still hurts in past

    The gentle and soft feeling seemed to in the body to stab one knife every time

    Recall an inside the virus tie up a body to can not forget but can't record

    Remembered regrets to seem to open one gun in the mind every time

    Slowly walk is singing to urge the night street that the person goes into dream song

    The sky is 1 slice to calm down very much the blue sorrow is dark

    The abrupt ground calms down to convert very much pole the wound it start to rain come

    This is a field splits rain of bloom a blue light in the street in the evening

    Split rain to pour world to let the whole world all spilted open

    Split rain to pour I let I of the havings return to split at zero of mark of equality

    My kneeling is taken to in this rain

    Because I love of the all splits the moment that rain pours here

    Gave to spilt open

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