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Canada Experience Class Immigration: Are T4 slips really necessary?

I'm planning to apply for Immigration under the CEC from outside of Canada.

I have a 2year college diploma, and 2year work experience in ON.

So it seems like I qualify... except one thing...

My previous work did not issue T4 slips. But T4 slips were on "document checklist" ....Do I absolutely have to have T4 slips?

Or is there anything I can use as a substitute??


Thanks A.J. :)

I did make more than $500 for sure.

but my ex-employer doesn't issue T4 slips to any employees. I guess I was freelance in point of tax....

Then, I'm not sure if freelance (self-employment?) could be considered as a full-time.

I'd love to call CIC myself and ask questions, but I cannot find #s I can reach outside of Canada... I called Canadian Embassy in my country but they don't help me at all...

Please let me know if you have a good idea!


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    All employers in Canada are legally required to provide T4 slips unless you made less than $500 annually.

    Your employer should have filed on directly with CCRA also, so you should be able to call CCRA and get a copy. Your employer should also be able to send you one.

    If you can't get one, call CEC and ask them this question. I would have to assume it's pretty rare for someone to have worked in Canada for 2 years and not get a T4, so you would need to check with them directly.

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