What is CA DMV penalty for driving without a licensed driving instructor?

I have a CA DMV special instructional permit that requires me to drive only with an licensed (professional) driving instructor. Suppose I'm caught driving illegally with a 25+ year old licensed CA driver who is not a professional instructor. What are the PENALTIES for me and for my passenger? My license is already suspended.

I've driven for many, many years without an accident until I had one (only I was hurt but seriously) over a year ago for medical reasons (not DUI). My license was suspended. I was medically cleared but still couldn't drive until I took the driving test. I was able to practice with a non-instructor licensed driver over 25 - until I failed the first test for backing over the curb. Then my permit was changed.

I've had lessons but the instructor says I should practice more! I am still uncomfortable, perhaps partly because of the accident and partly because of the passage of time during which my brother wasn't really able to drive with me much.

Doesn't the DMV want me to practice? I formally asked them to change my permit but they denied the request. I am not well off financially and cannot afford still more lessons!

Thanks for any words of wisdom you may have.

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    Yes, the DMV wants you to practice; however, as with any governmental bureaucracy, there's little room for negotiation.

    I've had a senior citizen who was restricted to driving with an instructor ONLY.

    It's the car that the DMV is restricting you to...one with an additional brake / mirror + experienced person able to handle an emergency, should it arise.

    Violation of the restriction could result in various penalties, including NO instructional permit (no driving) and financial penalties.

    Should you have an accident in your car, your insurance company might not settle the claim - leaving you exposed to a lawsuit.

    You're gambling...

    I have had many foreign adults that couldn't continue lessons due to the cost;

    they also have difficulty understanding the rules of the road. Simply passing the fundamentals of the written test does NOT assure one of knowledge of safe driving.

    The DMV drive test is really not that difficult and is only 20 mins.

    Perhaps you could offer something in trade or barter for additional lessons.

    Put a notice on Craigslist explaining your specific needs.

    Keep in mind, driving is a PRIVILEGE. There ARE other methods of transportation other than a car. Good luck!

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    I am in CA but never heard of such a permit. I would call the DMV.

    If what you said is true all you can do is follow the rules. I hope you have insurance now and you probly were required to get an SR-22.

    Shop around. Maybe you can get some better prices for driving lessons.

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